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The Lake District is the UK’s most popular National Park and this is because there are so many reasons to visit the Lake District. Over fifteen million people make tracks to the county of Cumbria to visit one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. With its majestic scenery and range of activities to tempt outdoor enthusiasts, the Lake District will provide the perfect setting for you to delve deep into your adventurous pursuits. Hopefully one of the following seven reasons to visit the Lake District will justify you making the trip to the North West region of England. I hope you are ready to explore.

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Grasmere Gingerbread

Grasmere Gingerbread The sensation that the first bite of a Grasmere gingerbread brings to your taste buds is is just one of the reasons to visit the Lake District. This one of a kind gingerbread is made fresh every day using a secret recipe founded by Victorian cook Sarah Nelson in 1854. After one slice you will struggle not to come back and relive the exceptional flavours that this Cumbrian delicacy provides. Is it just me who has begun to salivate?


Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall This epic and historic monument was rightly made a World Heritage Site in 1987. Hadrian’s Wall is an architectural masterpiece which stretches a remarkable seventy-three miles in length. To add icing to this extremely sweet cake, the wall is surrounded on all sides by mesmeric countryside.


Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere Lake Windermere is truly breathtaking. Windermere is the largest natural lake in England, therefore providing the perfect opportunity for a cruise on the water. For those a little more adventurous there are the options of canoeing, kayaking and sailing. Just remember to try and stay in your boat as the water is generally on the chilly side.


Walking Opportunities

Walking Opportunities The Lake District is a hiking heaven with trails to suit those looking for a gentle stroll, as well as steep mountains for those of you searching for a more difficult assignment. Make sure your allow yourself time for a picture as the photographic opportunities are endless. Grab your boots. After all, they were made for walking.


The Surroundings Are Inspirational

The Surroundings Are Inspirational A word followed by another word is power. This part of the world has roused some of England’s finest writers with its picturesque scenery. Without their inspirational surroundings, the works of literary greats including Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth would not have made that significant step from pen to paper. Can you imagine growing up without Peter Rabbit? I know I can’t.


The Gentle Pace of Life

The Gentle Pace of Life Relieve yourself from the hustle and bustle of the big cities by spending a day or two in this beautiful area. The locals are extremely friendly and happy to offer suggestions on places to go or activities to do. Sometimes it feels like time is standing still such is the calming influence of the Lake District.


You Will Never Run out of Things to do

You Will Never Run out of Things to do I can promise you that you will never get bored here during your stay such is the choice on offer. There is a fantastic choice of country pubs and restaurants, whilst events, fairs and festivals are held annually to keep up the entertainment value. If you are more inclined to indulge in a spot of culture, then there are art exhibitions and museums to visit. The list is well and truly endless.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to go and see what all of the fuss is about. You are guaranteed a fantastic time and a close-up of one of the most beautiful locations the UK has to offer. What did you do when you visited the Lake District? Would you go back if given the chance?

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A truly beautiful place. I sat on Windamere Lake and painted my first watercolour. A very cherished memory.

My dads face please in England :)

I believe number 3 is a picture of Wast water in Wasdale, not Windermere. I lived 5 miles from wasdale for 3 years. Very fond memories

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