7 European Cities Where Families Travelling with Kids Feel at Home ...


There are quite a lot of family-friendly cities in Europe where you can have the family vacation of your dreams. There are a lot of parks you can visit, hands-on-museums and a lot of refreshingly affordable food that you can eat in these European cities where families traveling with kids feel at home. These beautiful cities will greet you with open arms and they will meet all your interests. If you want to save on sightseeing, you should book in advance and you should also consider buying the multi-attraction discount passes that most cities have to offer. Here are 7 European cities where families traveling with kids feel at home that you should consider for your next trip:

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Big Ben, from Trafalgar Square,Big Ben,metropolis,road,town, London is a very beautiful city and is perfect for the families who are traveling with their kids. You can visit the London Zoo, the London Dungeon, Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station or Covent Garden. Even though London is a pretty expensive city, you can cut down your travel costs if you are willing to stay a bit further out from the city center.



landmark,city,cityscape,cathedral,château, Dublin is another family-friendly European city that you should visit in your next vacation. The welcoming locals will help you have the time of your life while you are there and this city is also perfect for a family of aspiring adventurers. While you are there you can visit The National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, the Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park or The Kilmainham Goal, a jail that housed almost every notable Irish rebel.



Eiffel Tower,reflection,landmark,water,river, Paris is not only the City of Love; it’s also a beautiful city where families traveling with kids can feel at home. Your children will surely enjoy the funky fountains at the Centre Pompidou, the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful parks like Jardin Luxembourg or Jardin de Tuileries, the countless museums and the beautiful architecture of this city.



Trevi Fountain,landmark,fountain,architecture,ancient rome, If you are visiting Europe with your kids, they will surely love this city. While you are there you should definitely visit the Colosseum and climb the Spanish Steps. You could also visit the Vatican where you can admire Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Also, don’t forget about the pizza and try to enjoy a gelato in one of this city’s central piazzas.



Berlin Cathedral,Berlin,Fernsehturm Berlin,Fernsehturm Berlin,Berlin, This is another beautiful European city that has become increasingly attractive to families travelling with kids. This happened mainly due to the growth of “Kindercafés” which are trendy eateries that cater to children. Also don’t forget to spend some time in the Tiergarten which is a beautiful sprawling green space and visit the Berlin Zoo.

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road,street,alley,town,lane, A lot of people say that Prague looks like it came out straight of a fairytale and they couldn’t be more right. While there, your kids will be able to explore Prague Castle, they will be fascinated by the unique shape of the Dancing House and they will get a kick out of hearing the Astronomical Clock chime.



road,town,city,street,metropolis, While visiting this beautiful European city, your kids might think that they landed in the land of Seuss. You should definitely visit Barcelona’s Boqueria, a market like no other with fruits, flowers and local fare, the famous Sagrada Familla, Parc Güell, the Museum of Ideas and Inventions, CosmoCaixa, an interactive science museum and The Chocolate Museum.

There are plenty of family-friendly cities in Europe that you can visit. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure that there are many more I could include on this list. Do you know any other European cities where families traveling with kids will feel at home? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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I have been to every city on this list save Dublin!

These look so beautiful. I would love to visit them all!

Copenhagen !

To be honest I don't believe that Rome should be on this list. They have the highest theft why bring your kids into this place? My opinion to the max

What about Stockholm!

Paris has got to be the WORST place to travel with kids. And London is really not great either. As someone who travels this list is horrible!

Don't forget that in London all the museums are free ! A great saver when you have kids ! Go to Kensington where there are quite a few of the best ones,namely Natural History and the Science museums. It's a child's paridise! Take good walking shoes when you go ! Even as adults you will never want to leave. I grew up in them! Take a boat going down the Thames to Greenwich to the Museum,naval college and the Conservatory in the park. All for free! (Not the boat though). You will feel like a kid yourself .

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