7 Reasons to Visit Easter Island ...


Reasons to visit Easter Island may not immediately spring to your mind. You may never have heard of it before now or you may simply know it’s that place of the weird stone head statues. Easter Island – or Rapa Nui – is a Polynesian island in the south eastern Pacific and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fame of the Moai (head statues) has somewhat eclipsed the other reasons to visit Easter Island and unfairly so. This is a spellbinding destination, uplifting for the eyes and soul and I hope to prove that to you with my 7 Reasons to Visit Easter Island:

1. The Moai

Of course, these are the primary reason to visit Easter Island. There are 887 stone statues so far catalogued and originate from 1100-1680 CE according to carbon dating. Although we commonly refer to them as heads, most of the Moai are torsos ending at the top of the thighs. A few are complete and depict figures on bending knees. The statues can be found at various places on the island – the best being Ahu Nua Nua and Ahu Tongariki. The Moai are iconic enigmas that are unique and a sight to be seen to be truly appreciated.

The Weather
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