7 Reasons to Visit Cancun ...

Although it has become a very popular destination for Spring Break, there are plenty of terrific reasons to visit Cancun at any time of the year. The one-time small town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast has blossomed into one of the famed resorts of the region, and rightly so. Let’s examine the main reasons to visit Cancun.

1. The Beaches

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Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest reasons to visit Cancun is the beaches. As its most famous attraction, these beaches draw in thousands of tourists each year. Expect water temperatures to hit the dizzy heights of 29 degrees Celsius during the summer. Various activities feature here include scuba diving, jet skiing, and beach volleyball. Whilst you can expect crowded beaches, Playa Tortugas or Playa Delfines are alternative options for a more tranquil vacation.

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