10 Family Friendly Activities in Hawaii ...


10 Family Friendly Activities in Hawaii ...
10 Family Friendly Activities in Hawaii ...

If you’re planning a family vacation to Hawaii any time soon, then you’re going to want to know family friendly activities in Hawaii! I’ve chosen the Island of Maui to highlight family friendly activities in Hawaii, since Maui is a popular place to visit and there are plenty of fun things to do. Keep on reading to find out what you should plan on doing for your next vacation to the tropics!

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Baby Beach

Here's the ultimate of family friendly activities in Hawaii. If you’re staying in Maui, there are lots of beaches to visit, but you will want to take your kids to the baby beach if they are very young! The baby beach is one of the calmer beaches in Maui, and it’s mostly visited by other families with small kids, so no need to worry about a non-family friendly atmosphere. Kids can play all day in the sand and the sun, at no charge to mommy and daddy!


Sugarcane Train

Here’s a perfect activity for families with small children or tots! The Sugarcane Train takes you on a tour through small areas of Maui and is an educational tour as well as a fun one! You get a brief history of sugarcane, and of course kids and babies both love riding along in the train.


Maui Ocean Center

Probably one of my top favorite family activities for Hawaii when in Maui is the Maui Ocean Center! You get to walk through an incredible area of glass that has fish of every kind swimming overhead and all around you. Opportunities to see exotic creatures up close are hard to beat! If your kids tire of looking at the fish, take them out to do some miniature golf and enjoy the snack stands.


Old Lahaina Luau

A luau is something that every family must experience at least once while in Maui, Hawaii! The Old Lahaina Luau is a family friendly atmosphere that gets kids involved in the scene. The food is beyond delicious, and you get a great value for the price.


Road to Hana

Does your family like to do road trips? If so, this is certainly something you will want to experience while in Maui! Take along the whole family for an unforgettable experience! Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of your numerous stops to hike or gaze at gorgeous scenery, including waterfalls and lush mountains.


Molokini Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling is usually an activity for adults, but there are a few tours in Maui that offer snorkeling for kids. It’s very closely supervised, and of course in a safe area. There is an age limit, so be aware of this before making reservations. The Molokini Snorkeling Tour is something your child will enjoy, and highly recommended!


Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is an activity every child will want to experience while in Hawaii! They are never in the water alone, an experienced trainer is within close proximity at all times, as well as a parent or legal guardian. There are age limits on this tour, so if you have a baby in tow, you will want to make accommodating arrangements.


Atlantis Submarine Tour

How about taking your kiddos for a submarine ride? Depending on which tour you choose, there will be a meal included. With this tour, you get the chance to see ocean life up close and personal! Exotic fish and sea creatures will swim right past your boat, and you will see plenty of coral reefs. Kids love this experience no matter how old they are!


Pineapple Plantation Tour

Taking a pineapple plantation tour is something your kids will love! You get to see how pineapples are grown and cared for, and you get yummy samples of fresh pineapple. It’s something that will be fun for kids and adults alike, so don’t miss this opportunity.


Hotel Pool and Amenities

If all else fails, don’t forget about your hotel pool and spa area! Most hotels in Hawaii are equipped with nice pool areas specifically for kids. After a long day of doing tours or sunning on the beach, it can be relaxing to simply chill by the pool. Bonus: no added expense!

These are my top picks for family friendly activities to do in Maui, Hawaii, but there are lots more things you can do with kids that I haven’t mentioned here! Surf lessons, sailboat rides, kite-flyers and street shows abound along the beaches and streets of Maui. You should have no problem keeping the kiddos entertained, while having a blast yourself! Have you ever been to Maui with children before?

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