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Free walking tours in Europe are one of the best and easiest ways to get up close and personal with the continent’s great destinations. Free walking tours in Europe visit impressive locations and monuments, pass along streets and squares filled with amazing architecture, places where history has been written and rewritten and places that have inspired great works of art and literature. If there’s a simple way to truly experience the pathos of Europe, it’s these walking tours.

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Bucharest Let’s start off the list of free walking tours in Europe in one of the most often overlooked capitals. The tour of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, takes you on a journey to explore the wondrous tales of 500 years of history that include Vlad the Impaler and the downfall of communism and Ceausescu. The tour is organized for those traveling independently or for those who travel in small groups. It starts at 11am every day and lasts about two to two and a half hours. Sites include the Old City Center, ruins of Vlad’s Citadel, Stavropoleos Church, Revolution Square, the Romanian Athenaeum, Manuc’s Inn, Union Square and the Palace of Parliament. Learn more about the tours at guided-bucharest.com.



Athens With this free walking tour in Athens, you can marvel at the 3000 years of history and discover all those interesting facts and mysteries that you will never be able to find in a guidebook. The tour uses local experts as guides, which means you will be able to experience those areas where buses cannot take you. Sites on the tour include Hadrian’s Arch, The Temple of Zeus, Zappeion, The Acropolis, Hill of Ares, Kalimarmaro Stadium, Monastiraki Market and the Greek Parliament. Find out more at athensfreewalkingtour.com.



Tallinn This is one of the most popular free walking tours in Europe. About 10,000 people toured it in 2012 and enjoyed the history, the people and the colorful tales of the city. The tour starts daily at 12 noon and lasts 2 hours. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is one of the most pleasant of Europe’s cities and the sites on this particular tour include Freedom Square, Danish King’s Garden,Toompea, Kiek in de Kok, the Town Hall and Square, Harju Street, the old city wall, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and a number of its famous churches. Discover more at traveller.ee.



Dublin Dublin is a place that has been invaded by many from the Celts to the Vikings. Hence the place is home to stories and legends about resistance and rebellion. Dublin today is one of the leading centers of business in Europe and one of its most welcoming cities. Among the landmarks covered in this three-hour long tour are the Viking remains, medieval walls, Dublin Castle, Trinity College, The National Library, various sites of rebellion and haunts of famous writers. You can look at more details by visiting newdublintours.com.



Barcelona For those interested in art and architecture, this is one of the best free walking tours in Europe. Probably no place else brings together such a collection of art and architecture as Barcelona. The tour takes you through Antoni Gaudi’s marvelous works, which are so much of what defines this Spanish gem. On this tour, you will get answers to questions like what had Gaudi planned for the Sagrada Familia and if he really was a genius or not. See what else you'll find at runnerbeantours.com.



Krakow Most of the major cities in Europe, specifically in countries like Poland and Germany, were destroyed in the Second World War. However, Krakow is one of those cities that survived so you can get the feeling of the old Europe here. You will know why this city was added to the first ever UNESCO Heritage List with this tour. The medieval old town is the embodiment of the historical charm and romance of Krakow. See for yourself at freewalkingtour.com.



Pisa Showing that there is more to this Tuscan city than its famous leaning tower, the free walking tour in Pisa takes you to great places such as Teatro Rossi, the State Archives, the church of San Pietro in Vinculis, Giardino Scotto and the Museum of San Matteo, among many others. You will also be able to visit the art collections in Palazzo Reale. At the end of the tour, there is a bicycle tour organized for you to visit the beautiful churches around the area. All for free but you may have to book in advance: turismo.intoscana.it.



Munich Known the world over as the home to Oktoberfest, Munich offers so much more to its visitors than endless flagons of beer and oompah bands. The free tour of Munich starts at the Marienplatz, which you can reach using the subway. It lasts 3 hours and during that time, you will experience places such as the Frauenkirche and National Theater and Opera House, among many others. And naturally, the tour takes in the famous old Beer Hall too. Discover more at newmunichtours.com.



Stockholm This tour walks you through the colorful waterfront of the Stockholm city and its historic Norrmalm district. You will learn about how the city was reconstructed in 1050s, how you can earn a 7 million USD reward and even the fake Nobel Prize! Take in city squares and lush parks, the water front and streets of elegant boutiques, as well as many of the Swedish capital’s major buildings. See if it's up your alley at getyourguide.co.uk.

Free walking tours of Europe are such a delight and they’re so accessible. Every major city and town or tourist destination has tours of some kind. Which cities would you want to walk?

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