8 of the World's Best Adventure Holidays ...

To some, adventure holidays are better than the coveted island breakaway. Adventure holidays are a way to explore the world around you, without trawling malls, staying in 5 star luxury hotels and having endless massages at a spa. Although these things are indeed a really nice way of spending your down time, adventure holidays are designed for those who want a bit more out of their travels. Here are 8 of the World’s Best Adventure Holidays to choose from.

1. Hiking in the Himalayas

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Most people think that hiking anywhere in the notorious Everest region is for hard core, slightly insane, super incredibly fit and experienced hikers. But there are adventure trips for the entire family to see the peaks of the Himalayas. Combine a fascinating trip through the exotic town of Kathmandu, explore ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines, and soak up the diversity of the bustling markets before heading out to the peaks of the Himalayas. You’ll sleep in darling little tea houses along the way and be one of the most unforgettable adventure holidays ever.

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