10 Most Famous Streets in the World ...

The most famous streets of the world should be familiar to you as their names are in the hallowed hall of travel destinations. Any landmark has a different view and meaning to different people and this applies to the thousands of streets in the world that could claim to be amongst the most famous. Here are some of the famous streets in the world that are visited and photographed most frequently and each for a different reason.

1. Abbey Road

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Possibly one of the best recognized famous streets in England is Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood, north London. It became a street of renown (and summarily one of the most famous streets in the world) through one of the most famous musical groups ever, the Beatles. The Abbey Road Studios were where George, John, Paul and Ringo made a number of their recordings. The photograph for the cover of their final album, entitled unsurprisingly Abbey Road, is of them on a zebra crossing outside the studios. Abbey Road has become a focal point for tourists who want to recapture some of the aura of that extraordinary, talented musical group.

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