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I was reading about Troy and it got me to thinking about the other oldest cities in the world. When you love history and have a passion for travel there are some amazing places to visit and among them are ancient cities. Some of the world’s oldest cities stand today as an incredible mix of antique and modern, while others haven’t stood the test of time but their ruins remain to enchant us with stories of yore. Some like Carthage, a city that once rivaled Rome, are practically nothing but shadows and dust. If you want to combine history and travel, here’s a selection of some of the oldest cities in the World.

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Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece It is no surprise that one of the oldest cities in the world is the capital of ancient and modern Greece, Athens. Athens is known as the birthplace of modern civilization, giving birth or a home to the likes of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates. There have been inhabitants of the city for more than 7,000 years, although it is believed that the earliest settlement in Athens dates back to the 11th millennium B.C.


Byblos, Lebanon

Byblos, Lebanon The first settlers in Byblos are believed to have arrived around 7,000 years ago, although there has been a permanent human presence for the past 5,000 years. It is not very well-known, but the word Bible comes from the name of Byblos, because Greek papyrus – which was used for the first Bibles – came from Byblos.


Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel Although modern-day Jerusalem is threatening the old ways of life in the city, there are still some fragments of the old Jerusalem which is one of the oldest cities on the planet. Around 5,000 years ago the city was founded, and since then has gone on to play a pivotal role in many of the world’s religions, from Islam to Christianity and Judaism.


Damascus, Syria

Damascus, Syria Scholars believe that Damascus is the oldest, continually-inhabited city in the world. It is believed that humans arrived and formed a settlement as long ago as 11,000 years, and even today it is one of the most populous cities in the region.


Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo, Syria Recent digs have found that the site of Aleppo is the oldest human settlement in the world, dating back almost 13,000 years. It was the center of the Ancient World, and today serves as Syria’s largest city.


Sidon, Lebanon

Sidon, Lebanon Some of the greatest civilizations to have ever existed passed through Sidon, raping and pillaging their way. From the Romans to the Greeks, the Babylonians to the Ottomans, Sidon really has seen all the world has to offer. Today there are just 200,000 inhabitants of the city, which is still one of the most ancient cities in the world.


Argos, Greece

Argos, Greece Although we think of Athens as being the oldest city in Europe, many experts claim that Argos has a stronger claim to the title. It has a strong history of neutrality, famously refusing to take part in the Greco-Persian wars from 499-449 BC.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria Both the Ottomans and the Romans laid claim to Plovdiv over the years, giving the city a rich history of the Ancient World. Not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in modern-day Bulgaria, Plovdiv is also the second-largest and is recognized around the world as one of the most important cultural cities in the modern EU.


Jericho, West Bank

Jericho, West Bank To finish the list of the oldest cities in the world is Jericho, and with good reason. It is the earliest record we have of a walled city, giving its name famously to the story of Walls of Jericho in the Bible. It remained uninhabited for lengthy periods, but today there are around 20,000 permanent residents, attracting lots of foreign visitors who are interested in history.

A visit to any of the World’s oldest cities provides an amazing experience of times gone by and the contemporary. You can visit ruins of ancient civilizations as well as enjoy all the trappings of modern life. Are any of these incredible places on your wish list to visit?

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Been to Athens and Jerusalem. They are both breathtaking and leave wonderful memories.

Plovdiv is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

The oldest civilisation, came from Iraq. Im surprised Baghdad isnt on their. Very disappointed with this article.

Definitely beautiful and breathtaking pictures, I would love to visit these countries someday

I believe the oldest city in the world is Varanasi in India, which I visited two years ago. It is an out of this world ancient and sacred place, worth visiting!

I surprise that Iraq not in the list due to very old history it's even believed it's the oldest country in the planet

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