7 Marvelous Places to Go in Morocco ...

Go to places in Morocco to feel the charming spirit that merges Arabian culture with vivid African customs. A stunning coastline where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, magnificent Imperial cities where networks of narrow streets promise secrets to be discovered and expansive squares where life converges and clashes in a cacophony of audio and visual feasts and desert lands that whisper with mysteries of days of Saracens are all places in Morocco. This fascinating country, once a French colony, is one of the most stable of North Africa and has an established tourist industry. Check out these 7 Marvelous Places to Go in Morocco:

1. Fes (Fez)

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The oldest and the best preserved Moroccan imperial city will instantly take you back to the Middle Ages. The magnificent medina of the old Fes (Fes El Bali) is one of the most popular attractions in Morocco and is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. As an intellectual, spiritual and historical centre of Morocco, Fes has lot to offer to its visitors – Al-Karaouine, the oldest university in the world, the Jewish quarter Mellah and the Royal Palace are only some of the must-visit sights.

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