7 of the World's Best Animal Sanctuaries to Visit ...

Animal sanctuaries around the world show that human intervention in the eco system of the planet doesn’t have to be so destructive. In many cases, animal sanctuaries are helpful to environmental sustainability by protecting endangered species. If you want to see animals in their natural surroundings, with only a minimum of human touch, consider including animal sanctuaries into your travel itinerary. The following list of 7 of the World’s Best Animal Sanctuaries will enrich your trip with an educational and inspiring encounter with amazing creatures that share this planet with us.

1. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand

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Elephants are majestic animals have been abused by men for centuries. It is hard to imagine that someone can kill these peaceful creatures only for its tusks. If they were not killed, elephants were often used to entertain tourists. The elephant sanctuary in Thailand was founded by Katherine Connor, an Englishwoman who travelled across Asia and spent some time volunteering in an elephant hospital. She understood the suffering of these animals and decided to undertake something to prevent it. BLES is today one of world’s best animal sanctuaries for elephants.

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