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7 Great Things to do in Tel Aviv ...

By Neecey

There are many great things to do in Tel Aviv, which is the second largest city in Israel. The city might lack the antique flavor of other Middle Eastern cities such as Jerusalem and Jeddah, and there might be a comparative lack of historical places to visit in Tel Aviv, but this is one hip and happening place. There are plenty of things to do in Tel Aviv if you want to have some fun in the sun with high quality cuisine and steamy nights in the tree-lined streets. You will find many things to see in Tel Aviv as you embrace the liberal and care-free Yemenite Quarter and you will find many Tel Aviv attractions in the fashion-conscious Rothschild Blvd. For a vacation with a difference, spend a few days in the vibrant Israeli capital enjoying these 7 Great Things to Do in Tel Aviv.

1 Visit Neve Tdezek

For things to do in Tel Aviv that do actually showcase some of the history of the city, meander along to Neve Tzedek, which has the honor of being the first neighborhood built in this glorious city. Tour guides will often rave about the converted old train station housing designer shops, the outdoor arts and craft stalls, and the up market restaurants. Spend some time in the Suzanne Dalal Center, an Israeli cultural landmark that has seen a massive 1200 artistic and cultural premieres since its opening in 1989. History buffs, culture lovers, and shopaholics will all find something to enjoy in Neve Tzedek!

2 Appreciate Art

Interestingly, one of the major Tel Aviv attractions is the city’s art scene. Whilst it’s not one of the traditional art heartlands, there are more galleries than most major cities in the world. In some streets, galleries outnumber other stores. Get in touch with Judaica, which is a craft related to rituals carried out in the Jewish faith. Saunter through a few of the modern art galleries displaying some of the world’s most in-demand artists, and witness the spectacle of some of the sumptuous special exhibitions going on in the city throughout the year!

3 The Beach

You may not know that as well as being a cultural hotspot, one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv is to go to the beach. A massive 14km of soft white sands and sky blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea await you and your desire for a bronzed bod. Walk along the promenade between Jaffa and Gordon Street and enjoy the light sea breezes as you sip on a cup of coffee and watch the fashionable young people of Tel Aviv go by.

4 Visit Old Jaffa Port

One of the must-do things to do in Tel Aviv is to pay a visit to the port of Jaffa. This is really where Tel Aviv began. This ancient part of the city is where Arabs and Jews coexist in harmony. For tourists, Jaffa is home to some of the best attractions in Tel Aviv. Connect with local life by visiting the bustling flea market and picking up a weird and wonderful souvenir before taking in the intricate architecture of the churches and other religious buildings in the area. There’s some great seafood restaurants in the old port and tiny cafes and bakeries tucked away in the narrow and winding cobbled streets.

5 Shopping

Tel Aviv is a cornucopia of shopping choice. For the strange and local, take in the Jaffa flea market. To get a taste of home, go to the upmarket designer shops in Neve Tdezek. Or for a slice of culinary Mediterranean magic, spend some time in the famous Tel Aviv Carmel market in the neighborhood of Nachlat Binyamin, where colourful fruits and succulent meats await. Some of the best buys, though, will be the unique stuff by local designers. Just like the art movement, Tel Aviv is a hotbed of design in fashion and accessories. Leather in particular is a good buy here and look out for some fabulous jewelry.

6 Museums

The various museums all around the city reveal a variety of historical wonders brought in from all four corners of the world. In fact, there are more than 20 museums in the city. They represent everything that is most important to Israel, covering anthropology to zoology. Worthwhile things to see in Tel Aviv definitely include the Eretz Israel Museum, where the history of the area is highlighted in regular temporary exhibitions, or the Independence Hall Museum, where the 1st mayor of Tel Aviv proclaimed the independence of Israel in 1948.

7 Out in the Town

Just explore. The most exciting things to do in Tel Aviv don’t just have to come from the main tourist attractions. Walk the interesting streets of Rothschild Blvd and Shenkin, take a guided tour through the World Heritage Site of the pristine White City district, and dance the night away with a bottle of wine in one of the many clubs located all around the city. Live Tel Aviv to the fullest! The city really is alive with culture and entertainment, and you will probably be very surprised that Tel Aviv is different from how you imagined.

There are so many things to do in Tel Aviv that you just couldn’t do it all in one trip. These things to see in Tel Aviv are just a slice of this wonderful Middle Eastern capital, which will probably change the way you see Israel as a whole. Multiple trips to this city will be needed to cover all the worthwhile things to do in Tel Aviv. Tempted? Let me know what you'd most like to see.

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