7 Best Things to do in Mykonos ...


7 Best Things to do in Mykonos ...
7 Best Things to do in Mykonos ...

There’s fabulous scenery, a wonderful culture, and plenty of things to do in Mykonos. They’re what makes it one of the most popular Greek Islands. Well, if I’m being truthful, Mykonos is actually a very glamorous destination that sizzles with style and atmosphere. Fashionistas are at home in its swanky shops and party animals love the bar hopping scene. The beaches are fabulous and there are day trips to other islands for immersions into ancient Greek culture. If you’re heading down Greece way but undecided about which island to visit, these things to do in Mykonos will surely convince you it’s the place to go.

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Exploring Mykonos Town on Foot

Exploring Mykonos Town on Foot One of the best things to do in Mykonos is to simply set out on foot and stroll through the winding alleyways. Be sure to wear fashionable sunglasses, for the contrast of white-washed houses and deep blue skies will dazzle your eyes and make you sneeze. This is Greece in essence and before long you'll reach a dream-like, white sandy beach where you can cool your steaming toes in crystal clear waters. Take a few pictures along the way: old ladies shelling peas outside on their doorstep and sleepy cats grinning at you with an enigmatic Cheshire-cat smile are popular holiday snaps from Mykonos and endearingly free attractions of the Greek Islands.


Eat Your Fill at Jimmy's Gyros

Eat Your Fill at Jimmy's Gyros All this strolling around narrow lanes will make your tummy rumble before long. The fresh sea breeze will eventually carry over the delightful aroma of Jimmy's Gyros to you and you just have to follow your nose and let the scent of herbs and BBQed meat lead you. Eating gyros is one of the great attractions of the Greek Islands and among the best things to do in Mykonos of an early evening.


Little Venice - without the Gondolas and Smelly Canals

Little Venice - without the Gondolas and Smelly Canals In Mykonos a pretty area that sits on a promontory overlooking the sea has been named Little Venice in honor of the famous Italian city. While the ancient city of Venice is usually overcrowded and rather smelly in summer, its Greek counterpart is a delight. If you skipped eating lunch or early dinner at Jimmy's Gyros, be sure to have a late dinner in Little Venice. Gloriously picturesque and full of culinary surprises, Little Venice is one of the most romantic palces in Mykonos. Restaurants stay open until late at night, when Greek lovers come out en masse to celebrate their country's wonderful cuisine, starry night skies and lusty hearts.


Be a Paraga Beach Babe for a Day

Be a Paraga Beach Babe for a Day There's no denying it, you look fabulous in your brand new bikini. Take it out for a swim at the paradisical Paraga Beach, where the sea is so tranquil and crystal clear that your holiday snaps will astound everyone back home - oh look, she's practically walking on water!


Sample Mykonos Nightlife

Sample Mykonos Nightlife Now that you've improved your tan and have mastered the art of ordering cocktails in true Mykonos style, it's time to make new friends. Unpack your high-heels and apply some lipstick, then it's off to sample the delights of the nightclubs and bars that line the seafront or are tucked away in the Old Town's maze of streets. One of the best things to do in Mykonos is to find like-minded friends who want to explore the Greek Islands with you. If you want to be in socialising heaven, try the Paradise Club.


Let a Mykonos Sea Breeze Ruffle Your Hair on a Daring Scooter Ride

Let a Mykonos Sea Breeze Ruffle Your Hair on a Daring Scooter Ride Hot temperatures in July and August can make walking around and sightseeing rather tiring. Hire a scooter to avoid blisters and have fun while you're zooming along to see the coastal villages and amazing beaches just outside Mykonos Town. It's cheap, lots of fun and scooters are easy to park.


Soak up Heritage at the Mykonos Windmills

Soak up Heritage at the Mykonos Windmills Kato Myli or the Windmills of Mykonos are among the most famous and enduring emblems of the Greek Islands. If you've been to Little Venice, you will have seen these 16th century beauties from afar. Used to grind the grain that made the flour that made the bread sold in the winding lanes of old Mykonos town, the windmills are now standing silently brooding in the hot summer air. Mykonos is not called for nothing "the island of the winds", so there are lots of examples of ancient windmills around. Visit the town of Chora for the best preserved windmills - it's still within scooter range!

Greece is a fantastic country to visit for holidaymakers of all ages and persuasion and Mykonos is one of her best destinations. Fancy booking a trip? Destination for 2015 sorted?

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I might go here when I want to get away. So beautiful! Definitely one of the many places I want to visit- will probably be my top 5

Mykonos is amazing! Brings back done good memories this article!!

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