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If there's anything I love and would encourage absolutely everyone to do, it's to travel, and city breaks are a great way to start seeing the world without too much commitment. They're often a more affordable way to get away from it all and explore another culture. Some of the places on this list, I've been to and some I haven't. All are places I want to go to. Book a long weekend off work, pack a comfortable pair of shoes and put these 17 beautiful places on your must-visit list of city breaks.

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London Of course, London is the number one places on my list of city breaks - because I live there! Out of everywhere I've been, London is the most accepting; it doesn't matter where you're from, where you've been, what you wear - you'll still fit in. It's loud and it's dirty but you can go from Tudor England and Queen Victoria's Britain in a couple of streets. And what other city can say that?!



Paris One of my favourite places in the entire world and the most elegant city I've visited. You just can't beat the French when it comes to food, fashion - and romance!


New York

New York I LOVE New York and it's one of the few places that I feel is similar to London. I love the buzzy atmosphere and I love the history. Definitely plan a trip to Ellis Island; it's the place where immigrants had to pass through before entering the city and it kind of summed up NYC for me.



Berlin A sprawling, mismatched city with a brilliant art and music scene. Berlin is VERY cool. Personally, I also found it a little sad - so much of the city was destroyed during the war but I guess what happened is a huge part of it's make-up now.



Prague One of the best places I've visited! Amazing food and drink - I ate a lot of roast goose and drank a lot of beer - beautiful, fairytale buildings and friendly people. It's also very cheap.



Bangkok Bangkok is an experience. I know some people who've hated it but I thought it was wonderful. The noise and movement is constant so you'll be knackered by the end of the day but it's worth it (although it's so cheap, I would recommend spending a little extra and getting a hotel with a rooftop pool - you'll need it!). And look at Mark Wiens' food blog if you want to find the best street food!



Dubrovnik Game of Thrones is filmed here - it's King's Landing. That is all.



Marrakech My next holiday! I've been doing some research in advance and it looks fabulous - day trips to the Atlas Mountains, wondering around the souks, visiting a traditional hammam. I reckon you should go, too.


San Francisco

San Francisco One of my favourite holidays - this is such a pretty place and I loved how you could hop on a tram and it could take you wherever you wanted to go in the city. Also, Alcatraz! Now that's an interesting day out.



Boston I don't want to offend any Americans here - 'cause I know you guys love America - but I'm a history buff and compared to London, you don't have as much of it as we do. I'm sorry. But Boston has a lot and it's fascinating. The walking tours of the city are great.



Lisbon Ah, Portugal. I've been coming here since I was a little girl and it's just a lovely place. If you go, I would recommend eating at least two custard tarts a day. Possibly three.


San Sebastián

San Sebastián I haven't been here but I have it on very good authority that it's a wonderful place to spend a few days. In fact, one of the most well-travelled people I know says it's his favourite place in the whole world.



Venice Beautiful, romantic Venice. There are few cities idolised in books and films as much as Venice is - spend some time there to see what the fuss is about.



Rome And if you're going all the way to Italy, don't miss Rome. There's so much history here and in a lot of ways, it's where it all began. Just be careful when you're buying ice cream.



Barcelona Have you seen Vicky Christina Barcelona? It's one of those films where the place is like the main character. And the main character is SEXY.



Krakow A great place to visit if you want a cheap break - flights from the UK aren't as cheap as you might expect, but the cost of accommodation and food makes up for it.



Reykjavik From very cheap to very expensive. You might need to save up a bit more for Iceland's capital but it has the northern lights and fermented whale - gotta try that, right?

There's lots more - Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, Amsterdam - and that's largely Europe-centric. There's a big old world out there, so I hope this inspires you to go further afield on your next trip! What's your favourite city?

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Shanghai? Beijing? Tokyo? It's all Europe here.

I'm stunned not to see Cape Town on this list!!!!

Sestri levanti...Italy Fabulous

You should put down Seoul, South Korea!!

So want to go to Seoul !

We don't have history?? I'm from New Orleans and there's plenty of history in just that one city. America may not have been a country for super long, but we still have wonderful sites to see in nature and historical sites.


DUBROVNIK ? Ok must go Nuff said ☺️

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