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Gothic churches are something you'll see all over the place in older parts of the world. That includes cities all over Europe. What I love about them is the incredible amount of detail they contain. I mean, can you even imagine the time it would take to make something so gorgeous? Take a peek at these Gothic churches and you may just know where you want to go for your next vacation.

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Look up

Look up Via flickr.com
There is nothing more awe inspiring than standing in front of Gothic churches and looking up.


Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral Via squidoo.com
I've been here and I can tell you that it is even more breathtaking on the inside.


Light Show

Light Show Via Lets all Rule Brittannia with ...
The light show at this cathedral makes it a one of a kind sight that I guarantee you'll never see anywhere again.


The Cathedral of St. Peter

The Cathedral of St. Peter Via Beautiful churches
This one isn't as elaborate as many of the other Gothic churches, but there's still something beautiful in its simplicity.


Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany Via Christmas in Germany 2011
There is so much history that goes along with this cathedral in Germany.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary Via Budapest. Buda, Bastión de los ...
Check out all the detail created by the brick work on this cathedral.



I can't get over all the great details that this cathedral in France has. It must have taken so long!


Spires at Dusk

Spires at Dusk Via Spires at Dusk, Prague, Czech ...
What a sight to see. This would make the most epic photograph in your collection.


Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey, London Via Westminster Abbey, London, England
Sadly, this one was closed when I visited London, but the outside is completely awe inspiring so it wasn't a total loss.


St.Patrick Cathedral in Dublin

St.Patrick Cathedral in Dublin Via Gothic and Incoming Spring
I think that Ireland has some of the most gorgeous Gothic architecture anywhere in the world.


Kylemore, Ireland

Kylemore, Ireland Via ~Lori
See what I mean? Here's another great example of an Irish Gothic church.


Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral Via New Liturgical Movement
What a beautiful church! I love all the spires.


Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral Via 20120520 1313--DSLR-A850 07221 70 mm
If you ever find yourself in Somerset, England, make sure you pay a visit to this cathedral. You won't be sorry, I promise!


Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem Via Untitled
Can you imagine taking a hike through the woods and happening upon this? It's beautiful, isn't it?


Moss on the Sides

Moss on the Sides Via Surfer's Wave • Gothic Church ...
I love the look of a building when moss starts to creep its way up the sides.


Historic Church of St. Patrick

Historic Church of St. Patrick Via Historic Church of Saint Patrick
This is probably one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the United States. It's located in Toledo, Ohio.


The Duomo of Milan, Italy

The Duomo of Milan, Italy Via Duomo of Milan, Italy.
Nothing could be more Gothic than this, right?



LICHFIELD Cathedral Via West Facade
The detail on this church is stunning!



STRASBOURG Cathedral Via Gothic Architecture - Page 2 ...
This church is so beautiful that I really want to see what it looks like on the inside.


The Ulm Cathedral

The Ulm Cathedral Via Ulm Cathedral / Ulmer Münster
I'm Lutheran so I'd really love to go to Germany and visit this one.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland Via Dreaming Iceland
The white snow in the foreground just makes this church even more beautiful.


Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany Via In photos: Freiburg im Breisgau
Germany is definitely one of the countries with loads of Gothic architecture.


Notre Dame

Notre Dame Via Top Ten places to Visit ...
If you're ever in Paris, be sure to take a boat ride on the Seine so you can get a good view of Notre Dame from the side.


Las Lajas Cathedral

Las Lajas Cathedral Via blog.travelpod.com
There aren't even enough words to describe how wonderful this church is.


All around

All around Via Tearing Down Garden City
One of the things I love most about Gothic architecture is how it carries all around the building and isn't relegated to just the front.

What's your favorite Gothic church? After my trip to Paris, I have to say that Notre Dame ranks right up there for me. I know - cliche, right? But there must be a reason it's so popular. Have you ever visited any of the ones on this list?

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Fantastic. I can imagine the history behind these churches!

How could a cathedral like St. Basil's in Moscow be excluded? A "wonder of the world," to be sure!

All the churches are beatiful.for me the number 24 is the most interest.by the way we are at 21th century and the most interest buildings in the whole world are the churches.

Breathtakingly beautiful and historical churches! Thank you so much for sharing.

You should check out Seville cathedral: it's the largest gothic cathedral in the world, is home to the tomb of Columbus, and is just generally incredible!

Thats great

Number 24, i've been there, is in Colombia :)

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