8 Eco-Friendly Vacations in the UK ...


8 Eco-Friendly Vacations in the UK ...
8 Eco-Friendly Vacations in the UK ...

Environmentally friendly vacations in the UK don’t mean lodges in the heart of the rainforest nor tents on the edge of animal conservation areas. Eco-friendly vacations in the United Kingdom mean simple, but cozy and comfortable accommodation in beautiful surroundings - the countryside is no less beautiful for not having exotic flora and fauna. The simply gorgeous settings are all waiting to be enjoyed on any of these eco-friendly vacations in the UK.

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Brignall Mill, Yorkshire

Brignall Mill, Yorkshire Converted from an old watermill, Brignall Mill is the perfect romantic treat that is one of many eco friendly vacations in the UK found in the county of Yorkshire. Set within a gorge carved out over time by the River Greta, Brignall Mill Cottage is the ideal tranquil location. The landscape is truly breathtaking with green rolling hills and happy grazing sheep, and the cottage has a great deal of self sufficiency with the building created for sustainability in the future. With a micro-hydro electric scheme, solar panels, a heat pump and wood burners, Brignall Mill is just lovely.


Loch Ossian Youth Hostel, Scotland

Loch Ossian Youth Hostel, Scotland For a back to basics vacation with an eco-friendly vibe why not try Loch Ossian Youth Hostel in the Highlands of Scotland? While not on the luxury side, the hostel is perfect for wildlife watchers and those looking for beautiful walks and breathtaking scenery. Holiday makers need to bring their own sleeping materials such as sleeping bag, pillow etc so it has all of the charm of a camping holiday but indoors. With wind turbines and solar panels generating power, a water recycling system and compost toilets this is one of the most environmentally friendly vacations in the UK in one of the most remotely located hostels.


Churchwood Valley Holiday Park, Devon

Churchwood Valley Holiday Park, Devon With a series of awards under their belts, a stunning location, and innovation in sustainability and conservation, Churchwood Valley Holiday Park, South Devon, is the ideal eco-friendly location. The park strives to preserve the environment - an extensive recycling process is firmly in place, cabins are built from wood onsite, branches trimmed from the trees and grass is used to create compost, low energy bulbs are used in each cabin and cleaning products are phosphate free. Always buying green, the holiday park is the epitome of sustainability and protection for the environment. With a huge amount of wildlife in the woodland surrounding the park, this is a fantastic eco-friendly vacation in the UK. churchwoodvalley.com


Dovecote Barns, York

Dovecote Barns, York For that luxurious holiday while still reducing your carbon footprint, the converted barns of Dovecote Barns in York may be just the ticket for you. While still enjoying the comfort of under-floor heating and hot water for showers, the water is heated using a biomass boiler and solar panels, while the buildings are designed for maximum efficiency and insulation to prevent heat loss. The excess energy not used in the building goes into the national grid, and low energy bulbs are used in every room. Complimentary toiletries are all made up with recyclable containers and they don’t contain harsh chemicals being filled with cleaning products from a well known environmentally friendly brand. Dovecote Barns proves there are amazing UK green vacations that don’t harm the environment.


The Eco Lodge, Boston, Lincolnshire

The Eco Lodge, Boston, Lincolnshire The ultimate in environmentally friendly holidays in the UK is built from locally grown and sourced wood. The lodge also has a huge range of eco-friendly features such as wind turbines and solar panels to create power, and a large wood burning range. With a water filtering system for rainwater, a range of soul enriching activities and a beautiful location, truly the Eco Lodge is a glorious vacation. ecolodge.me.uk

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Natural Retreats, Yorkshire

Natural Retreats, Yorkshire For an environmentally friendly vacation in the lush green Yorkshire Dales, Natural Retreats offers mountain biking and a range of walks and sports, all while providing accommodation in eco-friendly cabins. With biomass heaters, solar glazing, rainwater harvesting and low energy lighting, this is a great chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful counties in the UK.


Bryn Elltyd, Eco Guest House, Gwynedd

Bryn Elltyd, Eco Guest House, Gwynedd Bryn Elltyd offers the chance to holiday with minimum environmental disruption. By the side of a tranquil lake and tucked snugly below the Moelwyn mountain range, there is amazing scenery, with the chance to climb Snowdonia, and see the beautiful sights of North Wales. As well as boasting 100 percent green electricity and rain water capture for toilets and allotment watering the guest house, uses a wealth of locally grown food and is one of the great eco-friendly vacations in the UK. ecoguesthouse.co.uk


Bluebell Croft, Scotland

Bluebell Croft, Scotland For a blend of luxury and farm life, there is the serene Bluebell Croft in Scotland where you can relax in comfort or help feed the animals. With a range of local food and a dazzling array of wildlife, Bluebell Croft offers superb UK eco-friendly holidays. Having developed the location over a number of years, Bluebell Croft is now self sufficient for power using a wind turbine, solar panels and a wood boiler. A gorgeous location with many environmentally friendly amenities. bluebellcroft.co.uk

If you’re looking for a comfy bed, genial hosts, beautiful scenery, good home cooked food and plenty of good country air, eco friendly vacations in the UK will serve you well.

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