10 Scintillating Reasons to Visit Sicily ...


10 Scintillating Reasons to Visit Sicily ...
10 Scintillating Reasons to Visit Sicily ...

Sicily is a beautiful Mediterranean island that sits off the toe of Italy. Most famous for its Mafia connections, the island is a stunner full of history, culture and tons of tourist delights. There are many incredible reasons to visit Sicily including the wonderful weather, the resplendent scenery and the delicious food. The best reasons to go on vacation to Sicily could be the history, or the beaches. Whatever your motivation, here are 10 Scintillating Reasons to Visit Sicily.

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Beaches The Beaches in Sicily are some of the most beautiful in the world. With their sparkling azure waters, rugged coastal landscapes, velvety white beach sands and inviting swimming beaches provide the most intoxicating backdrop for a romantic sunset on the beach front. It’s really hard to pick the best ones because there are around 280 stunning beaches on Sicily – in all forms, town beaches, beaches in National Parks, tiny coves and inlets, and sweeping swathes of golden sand. Wherever you choose to vacation in Sicily, there’ll be a beach to suit.


The Sicilian People

The Sicilian People One of the best reasons to go to Sicily is the people. The people of this island nation are naturally shy, yet seem intimidating. Sicilians are actually some of the most incredible people. While initially reserved, it only takes a few minutes to encapsulate you with their wrap around smile and help you with whatever it is you need. They might not speak English, but there is a generosity and warmth that is easily felt across the language barrier.


The Food and Wine

The Food and Wine With an emergence of local wineries helping Sicily experience a boom in the wine trade, namely Tasca d’Almerita and Planeta, the great wine traditions of Sicily have come alive once more. Wherever you go, and no matter what you order to eat, the food is guaranteed to be out of this world. Always fresh and always seasonal, the temptation to eat your way through Sicily is overpowering.


Mount Etna

Mount Etna Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in all of Europe, erupting frequently, sending a dramatic amount of ash in big, puffy clouds ascending over the island and beyond. Every now and again Mount Etna obliges with a smoke ring or two, something extremely rare in the science of volcanology. Reaching an incredible 11000 feet high up in the air, to see bubbles of fire and pods of ash shooting up from the depths of this volcano, first hand, is a sight you will never forget.



Syracuse Who would have thought that you would have to go to Italy to find the most well preserved Greek amphitheatre in the world? Well you do, and Syracuse is home to just that. The very much Greek town in Italy is positioned on the south-easterly crook of the island, and very much the best reason to visit Sicily if you are into history, legends and the romance of the ancient Mediterranean.



Savoca Right in the heart of the Sicilian countryside and the very place that inspired parts of the famous film – Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II, brings you to the heart of a humble, agricultural town, virtually untouched by the crude, modern hand. Fans of the film have flocked to this town to see Savoca’s Bar Vitelli and the gorgeous Sicilian town, perched on a hummock not too far from the Ionian Sea. Today, Savoca remains quaint, charismatic and untouched.



Taormina Known as having some of the best beaches in all of Sicily, Taormina is among everybody’s favourite reasons to go to Sicily. Located not too far from the famous volcano, Mount Etna, Taormina has been a popular holiday resort town since before the rise of the Roman Empire. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the tear drop shaped islet, Isola Bella, which can be found right in the middle of the serene cove of Taormina.



Palermo The capital city of Sicily, Palermo is the very place where it is rumoured the legendary Mafia begun their wayward days. There are some incredible sights and attractions to see and experience, and Palermo remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Sicily. There is an abundance of historical sites, churches, museums, theatres and palaces to be seen. Don’t forget to see the San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Quattro Canti, Gesu Church or the Catacombe dei Cappuccini.



Ragusa At almost the southern tip of the island is Ragusa. A very popular tourist destination, mainly because of its dramatic architecture from the Baroque period and the fact that the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ragusa is picture postcard perfect. Imagine all those Sicilian scenes, the romantic winding streets, the narrow cobbled walk ways, the charming historic churches, incredible views and very steep windy stairways throughout the city – Ragusa has it all.


The Cannoli

The Cannoli A cuisine is often a valid reason to choose a destination, and we’ve already mentioned the food and wine as one of the reasons to visit Sicily but one particular dish is irresistible and deserves a mention of its own. The best known dessert in all of Sicily, the Cannoli is the perfect way to round off any delicious pan-Italian meal. This simple yet, entirely irresistible little cone shaped delight is filled with mouth-watering sugary vanilla ricotta cheese and then dusted provocatively with powdered sugar and sometimes even chocolate ganache. The true difference between a store-bought Cannoli in any other country and one here is the essential magic ingredient –Succade – the candied peel of any citrus fruit.

Everybody has their favourite excuse to visit Sicily, some people say their reasons to go to Sicily are for the family, mildly disguised as a yearning for the food, the wine and the sunshine. Which is your favourite reason to go on holiday to Sicily?

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