10 Scintillating Reasons to Visit Sicily ...

Sicily is a beautiful Mediterranean island that sits off the toe of Italy. Most famous for its Mafia connections, the island is a stunner full of history, culture and tons of tourist delights. There are many incredible reasons to visit Sicily including the wonderful weather, the resplendent scenery and the delicious food. The best reasons to go on vacation to Sicily could be the history, or the beaches. Whatever your motivation, here are 10 Scintillating Reasons to Visit Sicily.

1. Beaches

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The Beaches in Sicily are some of the most beautiful in the world. With their sparkling azure waters, rugged coastal landscapes, velvety white beach sands and inviting swimming beaches provide the most intoxicating backdrop for a romantic sunset on the beach front. It’s really hard to pick the best ones because there are around 280 stunning beaches on Sicily – in all forms, town beaches, beaches in National Parks, tiny coves and inlets, and sweeping swathes of golden sand. Wherever you choose to vacation in Sicily, there’ll be a beach to suit.

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