7 Deliciously Interesting Desert Towns in the USA ...

For a long while, US desert towns were not high on the tourist agenda. The only desert town that was a major player in the travel game was Las Vegas. How things have changed. These days, US desert towns have much going for them when it comes to attracting visitors, whether it’s in art or adventure. And, you don’t have to saddle up or be a cowgirl to enjoy them.

1. Terlingua, Texas

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Astronomers, adventure seekers, art lovers and all sorts of aficionados will find occupation in Terlingua. This little Texan haven is one of those lovely US desert towns that sits in a wide open space. In this case, it is Big Bend National Park and Terlingua is pretty remote, being about 300 miles away from El Paso. Originally a mercury mining town, Terlingua went through a classic ghost town phase before its charms were rediscovered. Today’s visitors come to go whitewater rafting in Santa Elena Canyon, to star gaze at the wide open skies unaffected by light pollution, enjoy the scenery of the Chihuahuan Desert and Rio Grande and to enjoy the town's festivals, including the annual Chilli Cook Off.

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