7 Delicious Chocolate Museums around the World ...


If you're traveling, then you absolutely have to try some of the chocolate museums around the world, because really, who doesn't love chocolate? You can learn how chocolate is made and try different kinds! That sounds like heaven to me. There are many great chocolate museums but I am here to show you the seven best chocolate museums around the world. Bon appetite!

1. Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier in France

Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier in France

Chocolate museums around the world strive to be like this one. Only because its the best! Valter Bovetti, a chocolate craftsman, created this museum to show people how chocolate is made. Children will get to make their own chocolate moulding. At the end of the tour you can discover new flavors with a tasting of the Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier's specialties. If you're in France, be sure to visit in Terrasson in PΓ©rigord!

The Chocolate Museum in England
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