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7 Best Places to Camp This Fall ...

By Amber

Fall is a great season because it captures a bit of summer and a hint of winter, depending on what part of the U.S. you are in. Below is a list of the 7 best places to camp this fall, and each place has a little variety for everyone, whether it’s car camping, public campgrounds, or back country sites.

1 The Adirondack Region, New York

If you are looking to backpack and camp, do some research on Marcy Dam as a base camp. If you are a paddler and have access to a canoe, check out the Long Lake region and Lake Lila for a primitive experience. This made the places to camp for a reason. Check out for more information.

2 Acadia National Park and Surrounding Areas, Maine

If you plan on being in New England for the fall, Acadia National Park is a must see. There is no backcountry camping, but there are plenty of opportunities nearby. If you want to plan your trip, check out If you’re spontaneous, grab a friend, a backpack and camping gear, warm clothes, and get on the road. This place is awesome; you just need to get there!


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3 Cascade, Idaho

From State 55 in Cascade, take the Warm Lake Road and you if want to be conservative, camp at Warm Lake; for a hot springs adventure, continue 16 miles from the junction on 474, and camp at the 16 mile marker before the Poverty Flats Campground; check out for more info. All these options off the Warm Lake Road are off the beaten path. Research the area and you should be fine.

4 Polebridge, Montana

The Polebridge Mercantile is a world class bakery that is a frequent stop before entering Glacier National Park, and before camping, you must try a breakfast sandwich or the famous “huckleberry bear claw.” Check out the hostel in town as well. From here, the options are endless and the views are stunning. This is one of the best places to camp because of how unique it is. Don’t hesitate on this one; the site should help.

5 Tillamook, or

The area around here is gorgeous and definitely one of the best places to camp. The coast of Oregon offers great beach camping and wonderful views of the Pacific coast. From Cape Lookout State park, the opportunities are endless, but this gives you a good starting point. Go on, for more information.

6 Del Norte County, California

This place is amazing and worth your time. There is plenty of camping available in the Redwood National and State Parks. Del Norte is different, is in the heart of the Redwoods. You almost feel like your back in time. Check out, for further information and don’t hesitate on this one.

7 Bankhead National Forest, AL

Alabama offers a unique camping experience for everyone. The Bankhead National Forest is big, and the opportunities for camping are endless. The Sipsey River is beautiful, and the diverse geography is incredible. For more information, look at This is one of the best places to camp if you’re looking for something different.

So these are the 7 best places to camp this fall, for a good reason. Make sure you are prepared and you have done your homework. These are great places to visit and enjoy an adventure with family and friends. Where is your favorite place to camp?

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