7 Best Summer Destinations in the Philippines ...

If you ask me, there is a long list of summer destinations in The Philippines. The country where I came from is a land of perpetual summer bliss and blessed with 7,107 islands to choose from. I just got back from my vacation there and wanted to share to you my favorite summer destinations in The Philippines:

1. Kalanggaman Island

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There are no resorts or holiday accommodation on the island itself but don't get discouraged because its real, pristine, virgin beach is enough reason for you to take that boat and head off to this island shaped like a bird (hence, the name kalanggaman). The island is located in Palompon, Leyte in Eastern Visayas but can be reached via Cebu - the country's second largest city. This is one of the least visited summer destinations in the Philippines so it's not really packed, unlike number 2.

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