9 Best Places for High Tea around the World ...

The places for high tea conjure up images of elegant olde worlde dining rooms, palm court orchestras, fine bone china, delicate cucumber sandwiches and petit fours. And, to be honest, nothing has really changed since fashionable ladies used to gather to see and be seen. Some of the best hotels stick to the tradition and not always in countries where there has been a British colonial past. If you want to escape back to a bygone age of sophistication and elegance, maybe one of these places for high tea will suit.

1. Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

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Although Raffles in Singapore is synonymous for its world famous curries and Singapore sling cocktails, no stopover to Singapore is complete without a visit to this magnificent, elegant colonial style hotel for an afternoon spent munching through their extravagantly sumptuous high teas. With many places for high tea to visit this is certainly one to remember - what an experience!

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