8 Best Destinations for Young Couples ...


8 Best  Destinations for Young Couples ...
8 Best  Destinations for Young Couples ...

Wondering what are the best destinations for young couples? If you're looking for a getaway with your love, you should be getting ready to book your flight right now. Each of the places on this list has a romantic side that is great for bringing you closer together as a twosome. So if the two of you are planning to get away from it all, check out these places to travel as a couple.

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photograph, vacation, tourism, honeymoon, romance, Santorini is probably the most popular place on every couple’s travel bucket list and consistently gets high ranks as one of the best destinations for young couples. The exquisitely unique beauty of this small island situated on top of volcanoes has been welcoming couples from all over the world for centuries. If you are a sucker for romance, get around the small island on a rented scooter and, perhaps, snuggle up close to each other.



sunglasses, eyewear, vacation, fun, vision care, If you and your romantic partner are already in Europe, never skip the opportunity to visit the City of Passionate Love! Going to Paris does not always mean to “love-lock” on a bridge. Take your partner for a walk along the Seine in the fifth arrondissement where tango dancers (experts and beginners alike) gather to dance till dawn. Join them when the mood strikes you.



vacation, beauty, leisure, sea, swimming pool, Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? The Maldives are perfect for couples who wish to feel that they are the only ones left on Earth. Because of the utterly secluded white-sand beaches, staying in the Maldives is like staying in your own piece of paradise. If your significant other is a fan of crystal-clear seas, place your bet on then Maldives to win his or her heart.



swimwear, vacation, fun, leisure, sun tanning, Get ready to get on your surfboards and ride the beautiful waves of Maui, Hawaii. Regardless of the season, you can always learn how to surf in Maui. Create unforgettable memories as you and your partner spend a day in the sun while learning how to hang ten. When you're done, sip a cocktail and lounge together on the beach.



reflection, water, swimming pool, condominium, palm tree, For all the couples out there who plan on getting hitched without thinking twice, Las Vegas is the place to be. But the City of Sin has a lot more to offer for adventure-seeking duos. Dare yourself and your significant other to skydive together! (Holding hands not necessary, but advisable.) This daredevil activity takes the meaning of “for better or for worse” to a whole new level!



aerial photography, cityscape, city, sky, waterway, Watching Jaws for the nth time is not exactly the same thing as staring at a real, live great white shark in its natural habitat. Shark diving in Australia, though definitely not for the faint of heart, is interesting as you come face to face with one of the most feared and dangerous predators known to man. Fret not, this is safe as you will be in a protective steel cage--just be sure not to stick out your arm. Facing something new together will increase the bond you share with your significant other.



property, neighbourhood, building, town, residential area, Popular for its huge parties fueled by jazz bands, New Orleans is a place where you can satisfy the inner foodie in you and your partner. Whatever your food restrictions or cravings may be, New Orleans has got you covered. Head to Dauphine Street if you both find vegan breakfasts and international street food to be amazing. slow cooked raost beef, mouth-watering fried oysters and lobster can be found on Freret Street. If you plan to eat like a true-blue Louisianan, be sure to visit Frady’s for a traditional meat-and-three, which is composed of one-piece meat (either baked chicken or smoked sausage) with two or even three vegetable sides.



landmark, historic site, chinese architecture, sky, building, While Seoul is famous today for its heart-wrenching drama series that make every single one of us ugly-cry, one should not forget how this city is also home to the best street food in the world. No need to bring out your phone and search for the best spots to dine because you are surrounded by awesome food on every corner. Don’t forget to try unique food like a hotteok – it's like a donut, but filled with glorious amounts of ground peanuts, sugar, and sesame seeds. At the end of the day, wash all the food down by drinking soju, a popular liquor in South Korea that is considered the national drink.

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