7 Options for Yoga Retreats ...


Ok yogis, it’s time to dream big and imagine yourself at one of the world’s many, many fabulous yoga retreats. If you can afford to jet off to these incredible destinations, that’s amazing. If not, it will certainly give you some ideas as to what kind of yoga retreats are available and you can have a look for similar closer to home.

1. EcoYoga Centre - Argyll, Scotland

EcoYoga Centre - Argyll, Scotland

Looking to combine your love of yoga with your love of the environment? EcoYoga Centre in Scotland is the perfect solution. Located in the Scottish Highlands, this eco-friendly yoga retreat has a “carbon positive” footprint. Food is organically harvested on-site, and the place generates its own electricity, enough to support the sauna, hot tub, baths and yoga room. Some of the baths are even located in the upper and lower gorges, where you’ll be able to kick back in the heated water, surrounded by nature, as a waterfall showers around you. Everything that yoga retreats should be.

Anahata Yoga Retreat - Golden Bay, New Zealand
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