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We all know that the islands are brimming with beautiful tropical beaches, lush green rainforests and crystal blue seas, but what about some of the lesser known attractions in the Caribbean? It can be so easy to label this region as merely being somewhere you go for sun, sea and sand, but maybe these lesser known attractions in the Caribbean will make you change your mind.

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Saba The first of the lesser known attractions in the Caribbean I’d like to share with you is a whole island. The charm that is Saba rarely hits the tourist radar and it is such a shame (although if the secret gets out … enough said!) This little island is an absolute gem. If you were wondering if there is a slice of paradise in the Caribbean where the hand of commercialism hasn’t grabbed hold, it is the volcanic peak that it essentially Saba. Nature’s pristine bounty is just as beautiful underwater as it is on land, and Saba offers superb diving. If you want to experience the Caribbean without the crowds, you can’t go wrong with Saba. But, please note, there are no beaches here.



Mayreau I promise you there’s no pattern developing here, but the next of my secrets of the Caribbean is another island. Mayreau only measures about 1.5 square miles and is the smallest of the Grenadines to be inhabited. There’s a hilltop village without a name where most of the island’s 300 people live and from where you can enjoy some amazing views across the sea to the Tobago Cays and Union Island, but THE destination is Saltwhistle Bay. Well known to regular Caribbean sailors, Saltwhistle Bay is the proverbial Robinson Crusoe setting. There is a resort hotel above the beach but as the bay is only accessible by boat, you won’t need to worry about crowds here.


The Baths, British Virgin Islands

The Baths, British Virgin Islands The name’s not so romantic is it? The name certainly doesn’t do this gorgeous attraction justice either. The Baths are in fact an area of exotic pools on Virgin Gorda in the BVI. Created by giant boulders, the pools of crystal clear water are accentuated by features such as coral ledges, caves and of course, pristine beaches. Some visitors say The Baths are at their best in the early evening; before the sun sets but after everyone has gone back to their hotels.


The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago

The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago If you love nature and wildlife viewing, I can wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Trinidad or its smaller sister Tobago. These two islands are among the most bird-rich places in the world and having personally tramped through the Tobagan rainforest, I can confirm they are spectacular and numerous. It is estimated there are at least 450 species of birds that call these southern Caribbean islands home. If you don’t want to trek the forest, visit the Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad.


St. Eustatius Volcano

St. Eustatius Volcano There are lots of places around the world where you can hike up a volcano, but one of the lesser known attractions of the Caribbean is The Quill – a volcano you can hike the inside of. The Quill is a dormant (yep, not extinct) volcano on the Caribbean Netherlands island of St, Eustatius. Rising 2,000 foot high, it is a perfectly formed volcanic mountain crisscrossed by trails that will lead you right down into the crater.

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The Forgotten Island

The Forgotten Island You don’t have to go to Pompeii to see the devastation caused by a volcanic eruption. In 1995, one of the volcanoes in the Soufriere Hills of Montserrat erupted after 400 years of dormancy and covered the island’s capital and its surrounding area in a sea of ash. The devastation and damage was so widespread that over a short period of time, all 11,000 people who had called the island home left. Today, Montserrat is an abandoned island visited by those curious to see the surreal and eerie landscape. Most take a 4WD trip up Garibaldi Hill for the best view.


Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, St, Lucia

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, St, Lucia St. Lucia has all the necessary ingredients for the perfect Caribbean cocktail – those three esses – sun, sea and sand. It also has some of the most unique scenery in the Caribbean, in its two triangular shaped mountains, The Pitons. It also however, is home to the Diamond Botanical Gardens. The trail leads you on a path in the rainforest covered Soufriere Hills that is surprisingly quiet but finishes at the picturesque Diamond Falls. In the gardens themselves you’ll see more varieties of bananas than you ever imagined along with nutmeg, tamarind, soursop and cinnamon trees, all providing a haven for birds and insects. The Soufriere Hot Springs are also located in the gardens.

The next time you are dreaming of cashmere sands, turquoise waters, swaying palm trees and rum-based cocktails on a paradise island, remember there are some secrets of the Caribbean just begging for your attention too. Would you let your wanderlust take you beyond your all-inclusive resort?

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I'm from Trinidad and Tobago thank you for featuring my country!!!

I've been to The Baths in the British Virgin Islands, it's amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

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