7 British Cities to Visit when You Are in the UK ...


As a UK native, I can easily forgive tourists for thinking that British cities to visit begin and end with London.

Because, let’s face it, aside from ‘Shameless’, most TV shows and films revolve around the place!

The UK is about much more than that, so there are multiple British cities to visit if you are heading over here.2

London is on the list, but it’s a shame to miss out on the other six!

1. London


Let’s start with our most famous city: London. It is one of the best British cities to visit when you’re over here, because there is so much to do. Stick to the centre and you have Selfridges, the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and Buckingham Palace. Venture a little further out and you have Hampton Court, Windsor Palace, and Wimbledon. Londoners are known for being a tad unfriendly. While that isn’t always true, there are MUCH friendlier cities over here…

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