7 Big Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List ...

Do you have a bucket list? Whether you’ve written it down or keep it in your head, most #people have an idea of the places they’d like to go and the things that they’d like to see. Swim with dolphins? Travel to the Northern-most point in the #World? Get a great view of Christ the Reedemer? There are hundreds of options – and many undiscovered wonders, too. So with that in mind, here’s 7 adventures for your bucket list!

1. La Tomatina

Ever wanted to get involved in a tomato throwing competition? La Tomatina is an hour-long festival that takes place in Bunol, Valencia. A water cannon signals the start at 11 a.m., and over 150,000 tomatoes (or 90,000 lbs) are thrown everywhere. At mid-day, the water cannon fires again, signaling the end. There are amazing photos of the streets after the festival, with #everything and everyone covered in bright red juice – and there’s usually a big feast to enjoy, too. Amazing! I'm adding this to my #bucket list now.