7 World Heritage Sites in Asia to Add to Your List ...

If you’re planning to take a trip overseas, you have to put these World Heritage Sites in Asia on your itinerary. Checking out some of these places will take you on an incredible journey through breathtaking mountains and secluded islands, discovering some amazing sites and unique experiences. The World Heritage Sites in Asia are some of the absolute best, and I guarantee you will be blown away, so do yourself a favour and add these to your must-see list.

1. The Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka

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The Dambulla Cave Temple tops my list of World Heritage Sites in Asia because of its sheer scale and beauty. The statues and paintings contained within this cave temple complex are all to do with the life of Buddha. There are over 160 incredible statues, and the murals found here span over more than 2 square kilometres! Historians even believe that people would have lived in these caves in prehistoric times because they’ve found skeletons which are around 2,700 years old!

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