8 Top Destinations for Group Vacations in Europe ...


8 Top Destinations for Group Vacations in Europe ...
8 Top Destinations for Group Vacations in Europe ...

When it comes to choosing destinations for group vacations in Europe, you could find yourself with something of a challenge. Group vacations in Europe offer an abundance of exciting places, but trying to find that one place that everyone wants to go to can be tricky. If you can’t decide on where to go, here are 8 top destinations for group vacations in Europe.

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The city that never sleeps – ever -- is one of the best destinations for group vacations in Europe. There is something going on here every month of the year. With an abundance of exciting activities, there is something to keep everyone entertained from shopping to historic sights, non-stop parties, the Red Light district, the excellent museums, delightful Dutch coffee shops and restaurants, the cultural sights and the gorgeous scenery.



The Eternal City, Rome is another of the truly great places for holidays with a group of friends. There is a huge amount of culture and history here, enough to make people that are not really into that kind of thing fall deeply in love with all things antiquity. Explore the Colosseum, ancient Roman ruins, sights like the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, watch a football game, feast on delicious food and enjoy an espresso at a side walk café.



Gothenburg is the ultimate party capital of Sweden and is a hugely popular destination for group holidays in Europe. The coveted Swedish lifestyle and enthusiastic party atmosphere make this a fantastic place for kindred revelers. There is an abundance of parks and gardens, with plenty of exciting tourist attractions as well as many outdoor activities as well.



Charismatic Berlin is a beer lover’s paradise and touted as having one of the best standards of living. Here, no visitor will be short of anything, except extra time to do it all. Steeped in history, culture and stoic tradition, all merrily cohabiting alongside the latest and greatest modern inventions and some of the best nightlife in the world, the city of Berlin is one of the ultimate locations for group vacations in Europe.



Touted as the new black of iconic travel destinations, Iceland is proving itself to be something of an intoxication. Those who visit are left mesmerized and deeply moved. Check out the legendary Blue lagoon and relax in the rejuvenating geothermal baths in the surrounds. Explore moonlike landscapes complete with extinct and active volcanoes, geysers and glaciers. See gorgeous waterfalls and fascinating wildlife or head to the slopes in winter for ski-ing and boarding. The Reykjavik night scene is also totally ace with tons of bars, nightclubs and live music venues.

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The capital city of Latvia in the Baltic States has a fascinating history and glorious cultural past that are evident throughout the city. The perfect destination for the travelling group on a budget, the locals are friendly, and a trip to this beautiful city is seriously good value for money. There are some excellent hotels offering 5 star facilities for 3 star prices, you get welcomed everywhere you go like an old friend, and the night life is hot, hot, hot.



The sultry, seductive hub of Catalonia regularly features in lists of top destinations in Europe for group vacations and it’s easy to see why. Barcelona is one of those places that you will never want to leave, with an exceptional climate, warm and friendly people, gobsmacking beaches and everything from multi day parties, to festivals to football to volley ball on the beach, skiing, shopping, relaxing and sightseeing.



The evocative city of Prague, the destination that inspired fairy tales, is just heaving with romance, allure and mystery. With roots deeply seated in Bohemian history and culture, the capital of the Czech Republic is a dramatic location. Bold and beautiful, this proud city has everything you could possibly want out of a holiday and more. World class hotels, fine dining, leafy garden pubs that flow with ice cold Czech beer, and home to the legendary Astronomical Clock in the centre of the ancient town square and the Charles Bridge.

Whether you choose from these fabulous 8 destinations for group vacations in Europe or anywhere else on the continent, you are guaranteed a time filled with awesome sightseeing, great shopping, delicious eats and rocking nightlife. What’s your choice?

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What about Pag in Croatia? Best place for parties ever!

I live in Amsterdam! It's pretty awesome here, except for the weather haha

I live in Gothenburg and the best thing you can do here is go to Liseberg

Prague is beautiful and also so is Malta!

Pfft... Latvia! Lithuania much better!

@Kiran Angelique I live in Nijmegen;)

I was born in Riga and it is a great place I live in Australia now (going back to Latvia in May) and whenever I tell people I am from Latvia most people don't know what it is (not where it is but what it is)

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