7 Wonderful Hilltop Towns in Tuscany ...

There are some famed and beloved destinations in Italy and among them are the hilltop towns in Tuscany. This stunning part of the country is known for its beautiful rolling landscape, history, food and wine. The reputation of Florence extends well beyond the Italian shores but if you want a real, authentic, local taste of what really goes on in and what makes this region tick, it’s a must to visit some of the hilltop towns in Tuscany.

1. San Gimignano

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Among the most famous of the hilltop towns in Tuscany is San Gimignano, about 63 km south-west of Florence. The well-preserved medieval architecture of its historic centre has made this gorgeous town a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lovely churches like the Collegiata and the Sant’Agostino house fine medieval and Renaissance works of art and the piazzas are great places to relax. Three walls, dating from as far back as the 12th and 13th centuries, encircle the main town and the views from here over the vineyards where the grapes for white wine are grown are breathtaking. From the surrounding countryside, you’ll be able to see why San Gimignano is also known as the Town of Fine Towers: Fourteen of its ancient towers have been preserved, making it unique among most of the region’s towns and cities.

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