20 Winners of the World Travel Awards 2012 ...


20 Winners of the World Travel Awards 2012 ...
20 Winners of the World Travel Awards 2012 ...

On the 12th December, the World Travel Awards 2012 were revealed at a ceremony in New Delhi, India. The World Travel Awards is actually an independent body specifically created to recognize the best in the travel and tourism industry. With a convoluted nomination and award process by country and award type, the winners are finally revealed in an extravagant gala attended by all the movers and shakers in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the winners of the World Travel Awards 2012.

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Best Airline: Etihad

No matter the destination or its distance, an airline is an integral part of the journey. This airline was named a winner in the World Travel Awards 2012 mainly because of the emphasis placed on its extremely friendly staff. It was complimented on the condition of the interior of the aircraft, including the economy class.


Best Destination: India

India was regarded by some as a coincidence in receiving one of the awards for world travel in 2012, seeing how the ceremony was in New Delhi. It is a country that strives hard to meet the needs and demands of the modern day tourists who are visiting the country in increasing numbers. Improved road conditions, magnificent landscapes, temples and festivals, however, make India a worthy winner.


Best Hotel: Burj Al Arab

This hotel, with the highest restaurant in the world, is a winner for various and memorable reasons. Its first impression of a sail against the Dubai skyline and its location on its own innovative private island is a long lasting memory. Spacious suites and imposing lobbies with extraordinary cantilevered beams are an image supported by a fleet of Rolls Royce cars!


Best “Classic” Boutique Hotel: Dukes

In addition to receiving one of the world travel awards for 2012, Dukes also won an award as the best boutique hotel in Europe. Located in select side street in Green Park, London, it satisfies its guests with a quietly and highly effective manner. The hotel likes to perpetuate its connection with James Bond – indeed the bar used to serve Ian Fleming and is said to have inspired the immortal line – shaken, not stirred.


Best Theme Park: Universal Orlando

This is probably the most renowned theme park in the world, arguably with the exception of Disneyland. With huge attractions and excellent tourist packages, it deservedly received the top billing. In addition to the world of Harry Potter, visitors can experience 50 entertaining rides.

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Best Airport: Singapore Changi International

Airports are generally perceived by travelers as glorified waiting rooms. However, the innovative Singapore Changi has created a completely different perspective of an airport. With its featured botanical gardens, extraordinary shopping facilities and a rooftop swimming pool, it easily outclasses the rest.


Best Culinary Destination: Peru

Most visitors to any country enjoy a culinary experience and Peru has shown with its cuisine diversity why it is deserves recognition in the 2012 World Travel Awards. Its recognition for fried guinea pig is enhanced with the influences of popular immigrant food. Amongst the popular dishes are grilled meat, stuffed potatoes or lime-cooked fish known as cerviche. Personally, I think it’s great that a non-traditional foodie destination has won!


Best Romantic Destination: Jamaica

Jamaica has an association with golden sands, sunny skies and great character. All of them contribute, as does its atmosphere and facilities, to make it very special for romantic getaways and tropical honeymoons.


Best Island Destination: Maldives

Considered by many to be the most magnificent islands in the world, the Maldives deserve a 2012 world travel award. With more budget travelers being welcomed in 2013 and low-cost flights from Emirates, its popularity will increase even more.


Best Business Airline: Singapore Airlines

This airline maintains its high standards, as witnessed by the number of awards in its trophy cabinet. Appreciation for its overall service was shown by the award. Their good menus and excellent on board facilities are a great advertisement for business class flying.


Best Business Destination: Doha, Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is well located and designed to meet the requirements of business travelers. Either as a destination, or a stop-over, its new generation hotels and sophisticated shopping facilities are great stress relievers.


Best Economy Class Airline: Lufthansa

In these tough economic times, it is appropriate that German efficiency from one of the most prominent European airlines, Lufthansa, has been rewarded with one of the 2012 World travel Awards. Saving is not a sacrifice with an airline like this on offer.


Best New Resort: Conrad Algarve

This is an intriguing award as the Conrad Algarve is a winner almost just after opening. Surrounded by magnificent national parkland, the swimming pool offers amazing views. It is further enhanced by seafood from the Gusto restaurant, prepared as you like it.


Best Honeymoon Destination: Mauritius

Newly-weds can benefit from an established provider to the tourist. This winner offers excellent hotels in a natural environment. Take your choice between sea, sun and sand and some of the best natural scenery. And, you are guaranteed peace and quiet and few people as each atoll (island) is only allowed one resort/hotel.


Best Beach Destination: Turks & Caicos

This is quite an achievement and a worthy World Travel Award for 2012 winner needed to do it. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, Turks & Caicos has the appeal of not being over-developed. With a vast and varied bird population, it also offers a stretch of coral reef among the longest you will find.


Best Honeymoon Resort: Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa

This romantic resort in Antigua has won this category in the World Travel Awards for 14 years consecutively, which says a huge amount. In surroundings that feel like paradise, everything is taken care of for you. Add a white sand beach by a clear, pale turquoise sea and you have the perfect honeymoon scenario.


Best Cruise Destination: Jamaica

This award winner provides a cruise and stays alternative. This means you can be more flexible with time and either stay onboard ship or on the island and experience one of the magnificent hotels.


Best Diving Destination: Cayman Islands

This is a premier diving location with some of the most unspoiled reef in the world. The World Travel Awards 2012 winner offers amazing clear water and lives up to its reputation with the best in diving technology. It is an ideal location for those just starting to dive as well as the experienced and professionals.


Best Luxury Hotel Brand: Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

The rampant development of quality tourism in India is represented by 2012 World Travel Awards recognition for this brand. The win was very well-deserved, proving once more than India strives to invite a new generation of tourists.


Best Luxury Hotel: Oberoi Gurgaon

An example of their commitment to service and quality is shown by the Oberoi, Gurgaon. The 2012 World Travel Award has been won for the second consecutive year by this leading luxury hotel.

Maybe there were few surprises among the World Travel Awards 2012 but it does go to show that sometimes, reputation and longevity count a great deal. Have you experienced of any of the winners? Were they worthy choices?

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