7 Exciting Disney California Adventure Park Rides ...

No trip to the Disneyland Resort would be complete without taking a spin on some of the most exciting Disney California Adventure rides. Not familiar with the Disney California Adventure theme park? Located right next door to Disneyland, this unique site features its own thrilling set of rides and lands designed to represent the best of the Golden State. Ready to experience it for yourself? Grab a ticket, and go give these seven can’t-miss Disney California Adventure rides a try!

1. Soarin’ over California

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As you hang glide high above some of California’s most iconic locales, you’ll easily understand why Soarin’ Over California is also one of the most popular Disney California Adventure rides. Take in the scent of everything from oranges to pine trees, and feel the wind in your face while witnessing firsthand just how much beauty California has to offer. From the mountains to the deserts to the remarkable coastline, the Golden State really does have something for everyone.

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