7Weekend Trips You'll Never Forget ...

Is there something you really want to try? You want the experience but are concerned about investing in a long trip only to find you don’t enjoy it or it wasn’t what you expected to be. A weekend trip gives you the ideal opportunity to live your dream for a short and helps you decide if it is a passion to be pursued or a whim you can chalk up to become just another patch in the tapestry of your life.

1. Become a Nature Photographer

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For some, weekend trips of a lifetime involve adrenalin-fuelled ascents to snow-peaked summits - but for others far more sedate leisurely pursuits will do the trick. Becoming a wildlife or nature photographer takes enormous skill and expertise, but also a huge amount of patience and luck. Throughout the year you can find photography courses and workshops at local community halls and arts centers, colleges and adult learning places. Some courses include tracking animals in the forest or go up snow-capped peaks in search of willing subjects. You'll also learn what to do when a bear insists on being in your photo shoot. It's worthwhile looking out for workshops offered by National Parks, conservation groups and large urban parks.

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