Want to Travel More This Year? Here's How ...


Want to Travel More This Year? Here's How ...
Want to Travel More This Year? Here's How ...

Most of us probably don't get to travel as much as we'd like. We spend more time dreaming out vacation than being on one and it doesn't help that Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok are filled with gorgeous pictures of fabulous locations. If you set yourself a goal to travel more this year, it's easier than you think to achieve.

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Stay Local

One way of how to travel more is to plan a whole heap of weekend trips that don’t involve too much distance and transport. Depending on where you live, there will probably be a host of local tourist spots that you can visit and take in some culture and scenery without having to shell out for expensive air tickets or take time off of work. Make the most of what you have around you; it still counts as traveling!



If you are the kind of person that always talks about traveling but never actually gets round to doing it, then a good way to kick start the process is to set yourself a deadline for a few months away and no matter how much planning you have done, that is the date you are going away. Having this deadline looming will inspire to get your act together and actually plan your travels.


Involve Friends

Traveling alone can seem fun but if you want to go away for a long time it can be quite lonely. If you have a few different friends who are embarking on their own adventures soon, then why not see if you can join them? You have company that you know you like and you with all the planning already done, all you have to do is buy your own travel tickets!


Fly Solo

Alternatively, if you have specific travel plans that none of your friends or family seem to be interested in, then you need to come to terms with the fact that you are more than capable of traveling alone. The thought of flying solo might be stopping you from living out your dream, but don’t let a silly thought hold you back from going on the adventure of a lifetime.


Travel through Work

If you are in a job that often sends people abroad for conferences or office visits, then keep an eye out for those opportunities and sign yourself up to be considered. This is a great way to be able to travel to new places whilst still earning money at your job!



Sometimes you just have to let it all go and be spontaneous with your travel options. Do a little bit of pre planning like booking a week off of work, but don’t make a decision until you get to the airport. Just book whichever flight seems fun to you and see what happens!


Commit to Foreign Events

We all have one or two friends who decide to get married in an exotic location. Whilst the go to answer might always be “no, sorry, I can’t make it”, think of these events as your yearly opportunity to travel and commit to making it happen. What could be better than being in a new and exciting country at the same time as seeing one of your best friends on the best day of their life?

Now you know, you can be packing your bags in no time.

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