Travel Tip How to Apply for a Visa ...


Travel Tip How to Apply for a Visa ...
Travel Tip How to Apply for a Visa ...

How to apply for a visa is a question that travelers sometimes have to ask. A visa isn’t always needed when travelling abroad as a US citizen so knowing how to apply for a visa is not required to be part of your every day knowledge. Thanks to the Internet, all the information you need is readily available so generally, it’s just a case of accessing what you need to make a visa application whilst you’re making your travel plans.

Whether you need to apply for a visa or not depends entirely where you are travelling to because each country has separate visa requirements for entry. The requirements sometimes extend beyond just having an authorised travel permit. For example, if you are travelling to countries in West Africa, such as Angola, you will also need to have a certificate which proves you have been vaccinated against certain diseases when you apply for a visa.

The way to apply for a visa is straightforward once you obtain the necessary forms so you need to know 2 things:

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Do I Need a Visa?


Where do I Get the Visa Application Form?

A visit to this website will answer both questions.

This is the official website of the US Government and in this section, every country is listed. Within the pages for each individual country there is information on entry and exit requirements and instructions on how to apply for a visa. You will also find useful information and advice about your intended destination.

Once you have received your visa application forms, fill them in, make sure you have all supporting documentation you need, enclose the fee and send it off to the relevant embassy.

The process can take a few weeks so be organised and apply for a visa in good time. For some countries it is best to not make travel plans nor buy air tickets until your visa application is accepted. The government site will also provide updates on travel news and provide travel alerts in response to the domestic events in your destination country.

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