Vital Things to Remember While Traveling ...


Vital Things to Remember While Traveling ...
Vital Things to Remember While Traveling ...

There are some things to remember while travelling that will not deter the enjoyment of the ride. Following these things to remember while travelling will help you to stay more organized and feel safer and more relaxed whether your trip is for business or pleasure.

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Laminate a Master List

Do you travel for work regularly? Do you go on camping trips yearly? If the trip will be repeated at some point, why reinvent the wheel? Laminate a paper (you know you’ve always wanted to get one of these devices!) and stick it in with your suitcase, with your camping gear, etc. Update it if need be when you realize what you really do or don’t need. This way, you will always be with the vital things to remember while travelling, without all of the other things you don’t remember why you packed.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Whether traveling in a group or alone, be aware of where you are. This will help you if you get lost in a foreign city—you may not be able to read the street signs, but you know the way back to your hotel is to turn left when you get to the flower shop at the corner. It will also let those who may be watching you know that you are also watching them. Then then let an authority know something is not right immediately. Nothing spoils a predators’ day like knowing they will not be able to prey on someone. Know if you are in a safer area, or getting into a more dicey one. Do not proceed if you feel unsure. Get to a safe locale, get your wits and your bearings about you, and then proceed onwards.


Keep the TV on in the Room

Whether you’re traveling alone or with someone else, keeping the tv or radio on in the room makes it seem as if someone may be in there even when you really are not. You may also want to consider hanging out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign the door as another indicator someone may be in your room. A thief wants the easiest road possible to get to your goods, which does not include coming face to face with your gun or 6’ 4” boyfriend, which you may or may not have. All the thief knows is that those things may be in the room, and the one without the noisy TV may seem like the easier crime to accomplish, unfortunately.


Do a Little Research Beforehand

Even if it’s for business, do some research on the area where you will be traveling before you get there. You may find that your favorite author’s childhood home is around the corner from your hotel, or that the restaurant down the street has amazing gumbo. Regardless of your interests, doing a little legwork ahead of time may make your trip more enjoyable and fun!


Take a Nap when You Arrive

While some suggest to avoid jetlag on international trips you force yourself to stay awake until bedtime of your first night, an even better idea is to take a two-hour nap immediately upon your arrival. Then get right into the swing of the local time zone, eating dinner, going to bed, getting up, on their time clock and not your internal one. You will find jet lag may not even knock on the door at all using this method!


Take Two Keys

Even if you are alone, ask for two room keys. This gives the perception that you are not traveling alone, and that you will be met by another and sharing a room with them. If nothing else, if you should forget one in your rental car, your can still go down the hall and get your late-night candy bar using the other!


Pick up a Local Paper …Online

The local papers are some of the best ways to get a taste of the flavors of your temporary town. Look at it online before your trip, or peruse the hard copy over breakfast in bed when you arrive. Many hotels offer complimentary copies. Find the local hot spots straight from the locals’ mouths, upcoming events, restaurant reviews, and more. Local papers give you a sense of an area in a different way than an online review can. Not to mention, there may be coupons for fun upcoming events!

There are few joys in life that can compare to traveling to new places. What is one of your favorite tips for travelers?

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Thnkz a lot,this helped me a lot cause am goin for ma holiday

If traveling internationally ALWAYS take some cold/flu medications with you. It would not be fun to be sick in a place where you possibly do not speak their language to try and find this there.

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