Holiday Travel Tips for Those Going out of Town ...


Holiday Travel Tips for Those Going out of Town ...
Holiday Travel Tips for Those Going out of Town ...

I don't know about you but I'm always looking for handy tips for travelling! From cheaper flights, affordable upgrades and approaching your travel destination strategically, there are many perks of travelling during the holidays if you take on board the many tips and tricks to make the most of your trip away! 😃 ✈️ 🌏

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Upgrade Your Flight ⬆️ 🆙

As you can imagine, not many people are travelling for business over the holidays so this leaves a lot of the business class seats fairly empty! Yep, this means it's time to see if you can sneak in a cheeky upgrade for a lot less than you would normally have to pay!


Pick the Right Day to Fly 🗓 📅

Not surprisingly, the holidays are not only the busiest times to travel but also the most expensive. This means it can be well worth picking the right day to fly! You can easily look up fare calendars which will show you the cheapest days to fly via popular routes.


Avoid Getting Hangry 😠 🍎

When travelling you never know when you're going to get time to sit down and have something to eat, right? There's nothing worse than heading out the door assuming there will be loads of time to get something later on, only for it not to happen! Make sure you pack snacks for every part of your trip if you're likely to get hungry, angry or even worse, hangry!


Rise and Shine 🐥 ☀️

A good tip for travelling at any time of the year is that the earliest flights in the day are often the cheapest. Yeah, it's not always pleasant getting up super early - especially if you're not a morning person like me - but think of all the money you're saving yourself by taking the earlier flight! At the end of the day it's well worth it.


Pre-plan Presents 🎀 🎁

There's nothing worse than having to squeeze in a bunch of Christmas presents for the whole family into your suitcase, right? Especially when you're low of free space! You can avoid this by buying most of your presents online and then getting them shipped to your destination, under your name.

Once you've done that, all you have to do is pop in a roll of wrapping paper, a few Christmas stickers and maybe a ribbon or two (to wrap them up once they've arrived) and you're good to go!


Consider Connecting Flights ✈️ ✈️

When you end up with a connecting flight and you have the choice of airport, a handy tip is to choose the one farther south as there's less chance of a weather delay. Genius!


International Appeal 🌍 🌏

If you really want to get away during the holidays you might want to consider leaving the US. You could escape to a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas or go somewhere to experience how another country gets festive...such as New Zealand, where I'm from...hint hint 😊 😘

I hope these holiday travel tips helped you! 😃 ✈️

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