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Awesome Tips for Successful Solo Travel ...

By Gretchen

Looking for some tips for successful solo travel? If you are anything like I was, you may have never entertained the thought of traveling alone. I had always taken my children on trips with my now ex-husband, and after they were grown and I was alone, I still wanted to take trips, but no longer had convenient travel companions. What’s a woman to do? The obvious answer was to grab some girlfriends and pick a spot, but my plans were spur of the moment and the opportunity arose to get away and you guessed it, I was going alone. I have to admit I was a little scared. Would I be safe? Would I have fun? How could I do this and prove to myself that I was a big girl now? With some planning, you can throw together a fun getaway and refresh your spirit with a change of scenery. Here are my best tips for successful solo travel.

1 Start Small

No need to book a cruise or take vacation time. Next time you have a free weekend coming up, dedicate it to your journey. This is one of the best tips for successful solo travel.

2 Stay Local

Check out nearby destination spots, no more than a few hours drive, train trip or flight.

3 Get on Internet Travel Sites

These sites were a huge help for me. I was able to search hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Read the reviews. Go through the traveler photos on hotels.

4 Find a Place to Stay That is Safe

I can’t stress this strongly enough. You might want to save some money by booking an Airbnb or a less expensive hotel room, but there are reasons you don’t want to do this. Don’t book a hotel that has outside access to your room on the ground level. You want a place with security cameras that is located in a low crime area.

5 Let Your Family and Friends Know Where You’re Going and when You Will Be Back at Home

For obvious reasons.

6 Travel Light

Ditch your big purse for a crossbody that you can wear. Try to pack everything you need in one suitcase. If you’re going to a mountain cabin for solitude, you may want books. For a whirlwind walking tour of a city, comfy shoes are a must. Just pack the essentials.

7 Carry Some Cash

Carry it securely on your body. You never know when you may need it.

8 When out in Public, Try to Blend in with Large Groups

When walking in a city or town, don’t be a loner. Public transportation is always a good option if it’s safe. Most cities in the U.S. have some kind of tourist bus service or trolley with stops located near tourist sites.

9 Plan to Have at Least One Meal out, Preferably during the Daylight

Go easy on the booze though.

10 Have Fun!

Take pictures, write in a journal, enjoy local cuisine. Be safe and smart and you’ll have a great time.

After you’ve become a veteran of solo travel, you will feel more confident about spreading your wings and taking all kinds of trips. You may even find that you love the freedom that comes with setting your own schedule on a trip. It’s fun to share travel with family and friends, but sometimes you just want to do your own thing.

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