You Have to See These Top Travel Tips for College Students ...


You Have to See These Top Travel Tips for College Students ...
You Have to See These Top Travel Tips for College Students ...

You've probably heard that college is the best time to travel. Traveling is a great opportunity to get to know yourself and the world better, as well as how you fit into the big picture. It gives you so much perspective, and sounds amazing in general! The only problem is no one tells you how to travel. If you're an unseasoned college jet setter, take these tips into consideration!

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Don't Go Alone

Although some day traveling alone will be a worth while experience, you shouldn't go abroad for the first time alone. Go with friends, siblings, or a study abroad program. While you would probably make friends here and there while you're traveling, it's much safer, especially for a woman, to travel with a group.


Milk Your Studenthood

In between adolescence and adulthood lives something called wonderful studenthood. One of the best parts of this age range is all of the discounts you get because people are sympathetic to the fact that you're a starving college student! You can get cheaper tickets on the Eurail for being a student, as well as shop for more affordable plane tickets on


Reach out

Before you hop on a plane, reach out to international students from your university. There are bound to be a few! They might grab coffee with you and show you around their town, or even let you stay with them! You never know until you ask.


Forget the Ritz...

You can travel in style when you're old and boring, but now is the time to stay in youth hostels and Airbnb's. Not only will you save TONS of money as opposed to staying in a hotel, you'll also meet other traveling students from around the world with interesting stories and lives. You may even make some lifelong friends!


When in Rome

Have you heard the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"? Well, it's absolutely true! When you're abroad, embrace the culture! Try new food and drinks, attempt learning bits and pieces of the language, and try out unfamiliar customs when you're invited to do so. It will only make your experience more enriching and memorable.


Plan Ahead

As fun as being spontaneous can be, it isn't always practical. Planning ahead means you'll save yourself money and stress! Have an agenda ahead of time for the places you want to see and when you want to see them. Of course, leave wiggle room so it's not totally scheduled, but you don't want to just hop off a plane and then wander around confused.



Ew, right? Studying and vacations should not ever be mentioned in the same sentence! But studying up on the place to which you're traveling can help you enjoy your destination even more! Read about their culture, history, and best kept secrets (to avoid mobs of tourists). Then you can make the most of your trip!

Going abroad during college is a great experience! If you have the opportunity to do so, I definitely recommend taking advantage of it. You'll certainly have an amazing time if you follow these travel tips. Do you have any other advice to share with traveling college students?

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