Pro Tips for Getting the Best Service at Hotels ...


Pro Tips for Getting the Best Service at Hotels ...
Pro Tips for Getting the Best Service at Hotels ...

If you’re going on a trip anytime soon, you’ll need these tips for getting the best service at hotels. When you are on holiday or taking a short break somewhere, staying in a hotel is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the entire trip. That is, of course, if you are receiving good service during your stay! Sure, all hotel employees should be working to the best and most helpful of the abilities as standard, but we all know that that isn’t always the case, and because of that, it is something up to you to put in a little effort in order to get something back! Think about it this way, if your entire life revolves around doing jobs for and cleaning up around strangers, you are going to be much more inclined to give special treatment to those who stand out in a positive way! Here are some tips for getting the best service at hotels.

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Tip Staff

Don’t scrounge on tipping people like bell boys and room service delivery; they are the kind of staff members who can make your stay extra special and problem free. They never forget a friendly and generous face, and you might find that you get a little extra in your room service order, or that yours comes much quicker than you had expected!


Pick a Good Hotel

To put it simply, you get what you pay for! You aren’t going to be receive the same kind of care and attention at a two star place that you would at a four star, so if good hotel service is something that is important to you and its lack of has the potential to make or break a trip, then it’s really worth spending that extra bit of cash on fancier accommodation.


Reach out Beforehand

A little trick of the trade is to call your hotel a day or two before your arrival to confirm your booking. This isn’t standard practise, and by doing so, the concierge might make a note of your booking and mark you out as someone who is more important than you really are! If you are feeling even more cheeky and brave, then you can even pretend to be your own assistant during the phone call, which might lead them to think that you are a celebrity or high profile individual!


Speak up

It’s as simple as this, if the staff don’t know about a problem, they are never going to be able to fix it! If your room service took an hour, or your towels haven’t been replaced in two days, you need to tell someone about it. This doesn’t have to be in a rude manner, in fact, the more diplomatic you are about the situation, the more the staff are going to want to go above and beyond to fix things for you.


Book through a Travel Agent

You can put a safety measure in before you even get to your accommodation by only booking through travel agents. Any hotel can make themselves look luxurious online, but travel agents will have a much more intimate and inside knowledge or which are the places to stay and which are the places to stay away!

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