5 Travel Necessities You'll Find Super Useful on Your Next Trip ...


5 Travel Necessities You'll Find Super Useful on Your Next Trip ...
5 Travel Necessities You'll Find Super Useful on Your Next Trip ...

Hi, beauty! I hope you are having a gorgeous summer vacation. I am here to share with you my top 5 airplane or road trip essentials to keep in your handbag. I find these 5 things so important and helpful so I hope you find them useful too. Enjoy love!

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Sanitary Wipes

So sanitary wipes are on this list because cleanliness is key. I mean, who wants to get sick while vacationing, am I right? I usually get a pack of hand wipes and another pack to clean my surroundings. It’s also very refreshing to wipe your hands and face when you're on a plane or a car for hours at a time.


A Good Pair of Headphones

Another thing I find super useful to keep in your handbag on a trip is headphones. I recently got a pair of Beats Studio 3 edition and I genuinely found them to be extremely helpful. On planes, we’ve all experienced the crying baby or the loud neighbor who keeps you up the whole ride but you won’t hear any of that with a good pair of headphones. It’s the same thing when you’re in a car for a long time, especially if you’re trying to catch a nap during the ride.


A Book

I will forever be a bookworm but having one with you on a trip can be such a lifesaver! I always say that I will watch movies, listen to music, and sleep while traveling but I end up getting really bored. So instead of squirming in my tiny seat, I take out my lovely book that I’m so excited to be starting/finishing. Problem solved!

A book can also be super fun to have for those days when you’re just chilling by the hotel pool!


Your Chargers

This tip isn’t very useful in the car but they certainly can be interesting on the plane. More and more airlines are introducing USB charging ports in their planes. So you will have one right by your tv screen, which can be a lifesaver if you want to be playing on your phone a lot!



You can never go wrong with some snacks! Pack some mini Oreos, chips, and some chocolate bars to keep you happy and hunger-free! Vacations are the place to ensilage yourself so you can pack whatever your little heart desires with no guilt!

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