7 Things to See in London ...

London is perhaps one of the most fascinating and diverse cities in the world. The range of cultural experiences on offer is simply astounding, so there’s no chance you’ll ever be at a loss for something to do. As well as the famous sights, there’s also some fabulous museums and galleries; therefore, you can actually have a day out in London, and not spend a penny on amusing yourself! However, it can be hard to decide what exactly to put on your sightseeing itinerary, so here’s the definitive list of 7 things to see in London.

1. Big Ben

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This landmark is a classic of London, and it’s a definite must see. Not only are the Houses of Parliament (where Big Ben is located) pretty impressive, they’re also the centre of British government. But if this doesn’t really spark your interest, take a riverboat down the Thames to really get the best view.

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