8 US Cities I'd like to Visit ...


8 US Cities I'd like to Visit ...
8 US Cities I'd like to Visit ...

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the United States, though when watching TV I often see some beautiful scenery and think it would be a lovely country to visit. I’m a city girl though, and would love to visit some of the very different cities in the US. Here are eight places I’d like to see one day.

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Dallas is top of my list as I have family living there. They know the area well, and have recommended so many places to visit. Of course, the Book Depository is on my must-see list, but I’d also like to visit the Botanical Gardens and Southfork.


San Francisco

This is my second choice. I’ve seen San Francisco so many times on TV and in film, and it looks fascinating. Plus its bohemian reputation appeals to me. Does it live up to its fame?



I’ve heard that Seattle can be very rainy, but being English I’m used to that (though I don’t like it). Still, the city’s culture, music, theatre and festivals do appeal to me, as I’m very interested in the arts. I’d also like to see famous landmarks like the Space Needle.



Portland might not seem like an obvious destination, but I’d like to visit it because of its alternative culture and green spaces. Parks are a great facility in cities, as they give you a place to relax, and I’ve heard that Portland is known as the ‘greenest city in America’.



Baltimore is on my list because I’m a fan of the movies by director John Waters. The architecture also looks pretty interesting. It doesn’t sound like a good place to live though – 87 men for every 100 women? That’s not fair!


Charm City has always intrigued me with its quirky blend of art, history, and kitsch. After all, Baltimore's Inner Harbor and the historic Fells Point offer a delightful escape with waterfront views and cobblestone streets. And let's not forget those famous crab cakes – I'm already craving some authentic Maryland seafood! Yes, the gender ratio might not be in my dating favor, but hon, that won't stop me from enjoying the vibrant culture, the American Visionary Art Museum, and maybe even a Drag Queen Brunch – a truly John Waters-approved attraction, if ever there was one.



I wouldn’t want to be there during the hotter months, but Phoenix is a city I’d like to visit for its history. Also, it’s the home town of one of my favourite singers, Alice Cooper.



Someone once recommended to me that I visit Atlanta, though I can’t for the life of me remember why. It certainly looks as though it has some interesting history. Can any Atlantans recommend points of interest?



When I make it to Dallas, I hope to fit in a visit to the Texan capital as well. My relatives love to go down there for weekend trips, and say it’s a great place. ‘Keep Austin Weird’ – I like it already!

Since the US is such a vast country, I’ll never manage to visit that much of it, but which other cities would you recommend? Is there anywhere on your own list that you haven’t yet seen?

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