The Best Travel Websites for Women ...


The Best Travel Websites for Women ...
The Best Travel Websites for Women ...

As a woman, it is always nice when you find a product, service or website that is tailored to your specific preference and needs, and although travel is something that is absolutely universal among all humans, there are sites that are geared more towards the ladies. When traveling, especially solo traveling as a woman, there are definitely some particular concerns and areas that you want to know about, and these sites can really help. Here are the best travel websites for women.

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water, swimming pool, leisure, fun, vacation, This is a great website that is basically a one-stop shop for everything you need to know if you are planning on being a solo female traveler. It lists the best places to travel alone, photography guides for the best Insta selfies, food guides, and lots of specific advice on different road trip routes from around the world. It’s the kind of site that can really make a difference for your trip.


The Black Adventuristas

mountainous landforms, sky, vacation, hill, cliff, This is technically a Facebook group rather than a website, but it’s awesome so I had to include it! It is a travel space geared towards women of color who are looking to travel and explore the world. Unfortunately, there can still be extra hurdles when traveling as a minority, and this group offers lots of valuable insights into different locations and experiences.


Pink Pangea

light, morning, wood, sunlight, reflection, This is a site that is geared specifically towards writers and travel bloggers who are looking for information and inspiration. It includes pre-made itineraries and even discount deals to certain destinations. It’s a good site to look for bucket list inspiration!


Journey Woman

wilderness, sky, rock, shore, water, Another fantastic website aimed at female travelers, filled with lots of great tips that range from small things like how to make a grilled cheese in your hotel room, to bigger things like what to pack for a cruise! No matter what your travel queries are, this site will have some kind of answer.


Go Girl Guides

blue, leisure, vacation, water, fun, This is a great online travel magazine for women who are interested in traveling on a budget. It offers information about safe places to stay for good prices, alongside special Go Girl guidebooks that can help you to plan your specific trips.


Whoa Travel

mountainous landforms, mountain, ridge, mountaineer, outdoor recreation, This site offers amazing trips to satisfy your wanderlust, whilst at the same time offering opportunities to do things that help the local women of the places that you choose to visit. From New York to Peru to Costa Rica and beyond, there is a destination to fit all tastes and preferences!


It’s One World Travel

property, coast, promontory, sea, swimming pool, Aimed at solo female travelers, It’s One World is a stylish looking website full of experiences and excellent guides run by Brandy Lee Bell. The content is mainly her personal blogs and stories but if you want to travel vicariously or be inspired, read her stuff.

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