11 Best Christmas Markets in Britain ...


11 Best Christmas Markets in Britain ...
11 Best Christmas Markets in Britain ...

There are plenty of market towns all over England, Scotland and Wales, but the best Christmas markets in Britain are in the cities. My home town has a Christmas market every week in December and I always look forward to it, but I always end up being disappointed. There are too few stalls and very often the prices are too high. I sometimes go to one of the major Christmas markets in Britain instead.

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Birmingham Birmingham is the host of one of the largest German Christmas markets in Britain. This market is pretty impressive with lots of stalls selling different bits and pieces. There is also a wonderful aroma of nuts, mulled wine, and German sausages. Make sure you go with an empty stomach so you can fill up on the fantastic warming foods and don’t forget the bag where you can stash the traditional decorations and gifts you can’t resist buying.



Swansea This Christmas market has it all - food, stalls selling gifts, live entertainments, and even amusement rides! You will be able to finish off the Christmas shopping with lots of different stalls selling handmade gifts. Swansea also has an open air ice skating rink which will be a great way to keep the kids entertained and really get that Christmas feeling.



Bristol This German market is pretty new on the block and has only been running for 3 years. Here you will find 35 stalls and beer gardens with a festive touch. Sit back and enjoy a mulled wine and German sausage after you have been looking around the stalls. Make sure you go at a time when you will see Santa open one of the advent calendar windows, especially if you’ve got the kids with you.



Lincoln This is one of my most favorite British Christmas markets. Lincoln is a lovely small city dominated by an impressive cathedral. The main city shopping street is a quite steep hill but with everything all in such a compact area, the atmosphere becomes very lively. I like Lincoln the best because there is a distinct medieval vibe and theme rather than copying the continental markets, and 1000 years of market history is celebrated.



Nottingham In Nottingham, they have a massive 60ft Christmas tree tastefully decorated, and lots of different craft and gift stalls. Take a break after all the shopping and cozy up in the Victorian Bar with a hot mulled wine.



Leeds This is another of my favorite Christmas markets in Britain. The market takes over the whole of the Millennium Square, has over 40 stalls, and is decorated in the true German market style. Take a sip of some hot mulled wine and enjoy a sample of all of the edible goodies on offer.



Edinburgh The annual Christmas market really lights up the cold dark evenings. The market is held under the Edinburgh Castle and has more than just stalls. You can also ride the Ferris wheel and see Edinburgh’s old town, or skate on the ice rink, and fill up on both Scottish and German foods and wines.



Manchester This UK Christmas market is spread over eight different sites in the centre of the city. You can get a variety of tastes of Europe at this market with Dutch mini pancakes, Spanish paella, and Hungarian goulash. You can wash it all down with a nice warming whisky, wine, or local beer. Miss dinner before you go so you can really appreciate the foods on offer.



Bath Wrap up in your warmest clothes and enjoy a hot cup of cider. You will be able to find unique gifts for your loved ones at this market with an impressive 140 stalls showcasing their goods. This one will really get you in the festive mood as you warm your hands around your cider and hear Christmas music while you browse.



Glasgow Some British Christmas markets have something for all ages and Glasgow especially. This Christmas market has something for all ages. There is an open air ice rink where you can try to find your feet and skate under the moonlight, or you can browse the stalls and indulge in some festive food and drinks. If you have children then you might join in at story time with Santa, or a festive film. There is so much at this festival for both adults and children; you are bound to entertain the entire family.



Worcester Last of my three favorites, Worcester holds a Christmas market with a true Victorian flavor. The whole of the historic centre of Worcester, including the area around the cathedral, is filled with the colors, sights and sounds of Christmas with great emphasis on the Victorian. If you want a taste of a Dickens’ Christmas it’s here. There’s a wonderful range of merchandise on the market stalls.

I love the variety of British Christmas Markets. Whether you have a hankering for a continental experience or want to hark back to the days of yore, there’s a place you’ll find your festive cheer. Is visiting a Christmas market on your holidays to do list?

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Yup yup Leeds German market is great...I totally agree.

Manchester has good christmas markets too

& Newcastle upon Tyne!

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