26 Stunning Shots of Halloween in Salem ...

Halloween in Salem is like nothing you've ever experienced before. It's one of my favorite places to be and living so close lets me experience its charm all year. Once fall comes, however, something magical happens – quite literally, in many cases! The entire month of October is dedicated to Halloween in Salem, with special events and spooky activities leading up to a crazy night. If you've never been but you're dying to see the Witch City put on its Halloween colors, I hope these stunning shots of things to see and do during a Salem Halloween will convince you to start planning!

1. The Burying Point

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The Burying Point, the Charter Street Cemetery, Old Burying Point – whatever you call it, it's Salem's oldest cemetery and it's both beautiful and appropriately spooky. It's filled with little intrigues and stories, and it's a huge feature during Halloween in Salem – as you shall see!

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