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26 Stunning Shots of Halloween in Salem ...

By Lyndsie

Halloween in Salem is like nothing you've ever experienced before. It's one of my favorite places to be and living so close lets me experience its charm all year. Once fall comes, however, something magical happens – quite literally, in many cases! The entire month of October is dedicated to Halloween in Salem, with special events and spooky activities leading up to a crazy night. If you've never been but you're dying to see the Witch City put on its Halloween colors, I hope these stunning shots of things to see and do during a Salem Halloween will convince you to start planning!

1 The Burying Point

The Burying Point Source: IMG_7575-dpp

The Burying Point, the Charter Street Cemetery, Old Burying Point – whatever you call it, it's Salem's oldest cemetery and it's both beautiful and appropriately spooky. It's filled with little intrigues and stories, and it's a huge feature during Halloween in Salem – as you shall see!

2 The Witch Trial Memorial

The Witch Trial Memorial Source: Witch Trial Memorial

Right next to the Burying Point is the hauntingly beautiful Witch Trial Memorial, where under a canopy of trees, you can pay your respects to the men and women accused of witchcraft during the trials. Though this too, is a must-see any time of year, it takes on special significance around Halloween.

3 Spooky Sights

Spooky Sights Source: Blue Pueblo

The same details that give Salem its charm – cemeteries, cobbled streets, ornate fences – help create a spooky atmosphere in October.

4 The Cemeteries

The Cemeteries Source: authentic fauxhemian - h-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n: Old ...

Salem is full of cemeteries, though Charter Street's Burying Point is its most popular. That house is not haunted, but doesn't it look like it could be?

5 Festive Fun

Festive Fun Source: Hanging their hats for Halloween

Witches abound in Salem, but while there are lots of scary sights and highlights, the town also knows how to have fun and be a little cheeky!

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6 Haunted Tours

Haunted Tours Source: Panoramio - Photo of Salem, ...

It seems like every square inch of Salem is haunted. If you choose to go on one of the amazing haunted tours on or around Halloween, you'll discover that not even the churches (especially not the churches!) are exempt.

7 Witch Shops

Witch Shops Source: HEX

Salem is filled with shops that specialize in witchcraft and the occult. Some of them are tourist traps and others are far too commercialized, but you can definitely find a few gems. Hex is my favorite favorite!

8 Fall Magic

Fall Magic Source: Salem, MA

Salem really does blossom around Halloween. You can feel the magic simply by strolling down the streets.

9 Dynamite Decorations

Dynamite Decorations Source: Travel to Salem, MA for ...

And everyone decorates! You'll see great décor spilling from storefronts, but the lucky residents who live in Salem's sprawling houses and gorgeous apartments get into the spirit as well.

10 Foreboding Statues

Foreboding Statues Source: Salem, Massachusetts

Well, really, Salem's statues are quite beautiful … but some of them do look pretty angry from certain angles.

11 Fantastic Foliage

Fantastic Foliage Source: Salem, Massachusetts

Granted, changing leaves don't inspire fear, but you're sure to feel a little awed.

12 The Witch House

The Witch House Source: looking for rainbows in the ...

The Witch House is one of Salem's most popular attractions, and it's an excellent place to spend Halloween.

13 The Witch House at Night

The Witch House at Night Source: It's a beautiful world

Also, once the sun sets, it strikes an entirely different chord, don't you think?

14 Colorful Crowds

Colorful Crowds Source: --------------------------

Some people come in the most epic costumes imaginable, others dress for comfort, but you're never alone.

15 The Halloween Carnival

The Halloween Carnival Source:

Oh yes, my favorite tradition! Carnival food, witchy souvenirs, rides, live music – the Halloween Carnival is incredible!

16 The Waterfront

The Waterfront Source: Salem Waterfront

Pickering Wharf is sometimes forgotten in favor of Salem's witchery areas, but the city has a rich maritime history as well, so if ghostly pirates are your thing, a trip down to the waterfront is a must.

17 Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum Source: Salem Witch Museum

Straight up, this is more of a touristy thing, but if you're in town for Halloween, you'll definitely enjoy a trip through the museum.

18 The Architecture

The Architecture Source: Your must-see guide to Salem

In fact, just standing outside of the museum, or the Witch House, or even City Hall is a little spooky. There's just something about the Witch City's stunning architecture that makes every building seem a little haunted.

19 Living Statues

Living Statues Source: SMASH PARTY ENTERTAINMENT | NEW ...

While Salem is full of statues, some of them come to life – especially around Halloween.

20 Crazy Costumes

Crazy Costumes Source: HALLOWEEN Salem, Massachusetts

Can you pick out any of the costumes in this photo? Because no lie, Salem has some of the most intricate, detailed, and astounding costumes you'll ever see!

21 Pioneer Village

Pioneer Village Source:

On and around Halloween, Pioneer Village invites visitors for ghost stories and spooky tours around the village. Those woods are scary!

22 Surprises in Unexpected Places

Surprises in Unexpected Places Source: DSC_0135

What do you think? Witch statue, bewitched witch, witch costume, or living statue?

23 The House of Seven Gables

The House of Seven Gables Source:

Salem is still wild about Hawthorne, and you have to admit that the House of Seven Gables fits the city's vibe.

24 Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Source: 365 Days of Halloween

The city has its fair share of ghost stories, and in the month of October, there are numerous ways to hear them.

25 Personal Stories

Personal Stories Source: Hotels in Salem, Massachusetts

Nothing is more horrifying, however, than the story of the accused. If you decide to take a tour, the Witch Memorial has to be one of the stops.

26 Old Friends

Old Friends Source:

Since anything is possible on Halloween, Samantha might even wriggle her nose.

Have you ever been to Salem on Halloween? If you love the holiday, you have to come some day! Just remember that anything's possible after dark!

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