Awesome Reasons to Visit Salem This Halloween ...

By Lyndsie

Awesome  Reasons to Visit  Salem This Halloween  ...

Salem is an amazing city 🌃 and I have had the honor of calling Salem somewhat home. I've been in the Northeast for almost seven 7️⃣ years now and I am still amazed and in awe of this particular city. October is the month 🈷️ for Salem, it lights up, the energy is different, the way that the people 🚻 are is different. Sure, I can complain about the traffic and how long it takes to get places but Salem is absolutely magical 🔮 in this month 🈷️ and I'm going 🆙 to share with you why.

Table of contents:

  1. cry innocent: the people 🚻 versus 🆚 bridget bishop
  2. haunting 👻 carnival
  3. the costumes
  4. the culture
  5. the food
  6. haunted footsteps 👣 ghost 👻 tour
  7. salem witch museum

1 Cry Innocent: the People 🚻 versus 🆚 Bridget Bishop

Firstly, if you are looking for something to do this Halloween 👻 and you want to see a play ▶️ that is not only fun but interactive too? It starts in the town square, where they arrest 👮🏿 Bridget and then they drag her back 🔙 to the Town Hall. It is so much fun, everyone is in character 🈚 the entire time 🕤 and it is inexpensive too. This is a must-do if you head 👦🏽 to Salem this October or even on 🔘 Halloween 👻 specifically.

2 Haunting 👻 Carnival

Salem is a small but mighty city 🌇 and the carnival 🎠 that happens on 🔛 Halloween 🎃 is so much fun! There are rides, there are people 👥 walking 👣 around in costumes, there is music 🎷 everywhere you turn 🎲 and there are vendors on 🔘 every single 1️⃣ street corner. This is the time 🕖 that the city 🌇 comes alive, as I told you before and the carnival 🎡 is so much fun for kids. Want a family-friendly piece of Salem? This is it!

3 The Costumes

You have no 🙅 idea, there are so many different costumes out there, Salem really brings it when it comes to the holiday. Everyone dresses up, from the shop 🏪 owners to the restaurant people 🚸 all the way to the people 🚸 that attend 🎫 the events. The parade is amazing and I have to tell you, it's worth it to see the work 🈺 that people 🚻 put into the costumes on 🔛 Halloween.

4 The Culture

I have to tell you, I've been to Salem when it isn't Halloween 🎃 and when it is and the culture 👘 is so different on 🔘 Halloween 👻 or even the month 🈷️ of October. The shops 🏬 are all open, they shop 🏪 owners are so friendly, everyone will direct 🔝 you wherever you want to go and the culture 👘 of the witches is so thick. The history here 🈁 is incredible and I have to tell you, it's worth a visit.

5 The Food

I could talk ☎️ about the food 🍡 all day ☀️ in Salem. The restaurants are absolutely incredible, from the Lobster Shanty all the way to anything on 🔛 Pickering Wharf. There are so many restaurants that you should try and you also should leave extra room for all of the fair food 🍣 that you'll want to stuff in your face.

6 Haunted Footsteps 👣 Ghost 👻 Tour

Want to really understand the history in Salem? Want to possibly see some ghosts? This is the tour that you'll have to go on. I went on 🔛 one 1️⃣ when I was just a year into living 🏡 in the Northeast and it was so much fun! We did not see any ghosts, but we did come back 🔙 later that week and we took pictures 📷 at the Old Burial Ground cemetery and … we found some ghosts. These tours are fantastic for the history and to really learn 📕 about all of the spots that ghosts could be.

7 Salem Witch Museum

Finally, this is the one 1️⃣ museum that I fell in love 💙 with. Salem is a tourists town, so keep that in mind but there is one 1️⃣ thing that is touristy … but still amazing. The Salem Witch Museum is a must-see when you come to Halloween 🎃 and while you might wait in line, it's totally worth it in the end!

So, now that you've got the local's point ⬇️ of view 🔬 on 🔛 where to go and why to come to Salem, you're booking your ticket 🎫 right 👉 now, right? Do it!

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