10 Spooky Places to Celebrate Halloween ...


10 Spooky Places to Celebrate Halloween ...
10 Spooky Places to Celebrate Halloween ...

Whatever Halloween means or however it started, there is no doubt that it is one of the favorite US holidays. Thanks to the growing sense of appreciation of the fun, there are now a lot more places to celebrate Halloween around the world as well as in the USA. More countries and cities are adopting the celebration as their own, and treating the occasion as if they have always been places to celebrate Halloween. If you don’t fancy trick or treating around your neighborhood block, branch out and see how it’s done elsewhere. Here are the top 10 places to celebrate Halloween.

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London, England

It may seem odd to include a capital city that is reputed for its amazing sights and attractions among the places to celebrate Halloween, but London has its fair share of mystery and stories of ghostly happenings. Start with a visit to Hampstead cemetery to visit the graves of Karl Marx, George Eliot and many luminaries from science, art and literature. Then make your way to the London Dungeon for a gruesome few hours. Round off the event with one of the many ghost walking tours. Whitechapel, the scene of the Jack the Ripper murders, is always popular for Halloween.


Casadagga Spiritualist Camp, Florida

Located within a relatively short driving distance of Orlando, every Halloween sees the Casadagga Spiritualist Camp in Florida open their doors to curious visitors from all over the globe. Drop by this much beloved Halloween destination to be fascinated by the Haunted Tour guide and the opportunity to visit the century-old town where you will probably meet more than a few psychics along the way, willing to read your future.


Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is indisputably a favorite among US places to celebrate Halloween. Famous for the 1692 Witch Trials where thousands of presumed witches were persecuted and executed, Salem has decided to embrace its history by offering visitors the opportunity to delve deeper into its past. The re-enactments of the trials and haunted historical tours are always popular around Halloween, and every October sees the city come alive with the Haunted Happenings, a Witches’ Ball and magnificent fireworks to end the celebrations in a more pleasing fashion.


Las Vegas

Maybe not legendary among the places to spend Halloween, but if you’re looking for a party atmosphere and want to dance the night away, Las Vegas is undoubtedly the city for you. Nicknamed Sin City, Las Vegas is a glamorous, sexy and entertaining city with a young and joyful atmosphere. The many Halloween parties that are held in Las Vegas take place in hotels and clubs that live up to the city’s name and reputation as one America’s most popular destinations whatever the occasion.


Chalindrey, France

As host for the century-old annual Witch Festival, Chalindrey, France is one of the top European destinations to celebrate Halloween. The all-night Celtic dance that takes place on the Saturday of Halloween weekend is very popular among tourists and locals alike, and gives you an entirely different perspective on Halloween and its meaning. The town is also home to the Fort Cognelo (often known as the Devil’s Point) where a witch hunt occurred in the 16th century.


Greenwich Village, New York

Greenwich Village is notorious around the world for it gigantic Halloween parade where countless dancers, music bands and regular people dressed in scary (sometimes funny costumes) make their way through the streets of New York in an explosion of music and laughter. Plenty of other activities are also offered to visitors, making Greenwich Village (and New York and general) a terrific spot to enjoy Halloween.



If vampires fascinate you, this European destination is sure to enthrall you. The birthplace of the legendary Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula), is a real feast of history and terror. Spending a night in Sighisoara’s castle is certainly not for the faint of heart, and neither is a visit to the Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle) where its troubled history still hangs heavy in the air.


Disney Parks

Celebrating Halloween in a Disney Park is an experience that is certain to delight your children. From fireworks and parades to costume parties, Disney Parks from the four corners of the globe always strive to outdo one another. A trip to your local Disney Park on Halloween night is bound to be a fun spooky experience that your whole family will adore.


Church-Wellesley Village, Toronto

With an average attendance of 50,000 people, the Halloween Block Party that takes place in the “Gay Village” of Toronto, Canada regularly attracts visitors from all over the world. During the week of Halloween (or Halloweek), the village hosts many activities such as decorating competitions and pumpkin carving contests. The rest of city also offers many activities such as the Hallow Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland and All Hallow’s Eve at the Black Creek Pioneer Village.


Anoka, Minnesota

Renowned to be the “Halloween Capital of the World”, Anoka, Minnesota has long claimed to be the first town in the United States to hold a Halloween celebration. Today, many activities are offered to tourists, among them pumpkin carving, decorating contests, three parades and a carnival. Anoka is definitely one of the most interesting places to celebrate Halloween.

This upcoming October 31, pick your ideal Halloween destination to either relive some of your childhood memories or experience something new and enthralling. Make your imagination run wild and enjoy a surprise of two, but be careful when the night takes hold and the dead awake…

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Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida is always fun and exciting :)

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