8 Special Places to Go off the Beaten Track in Italy ...


For interesting travel Italy has plenty going for it and its admirers call it the beautiful country. Italy is a nation devoted to pleasure, from the abundant food to the magnificent and varied landscapes and exuberant fashions; travel in Italy will satisfy your heart and your soul’s desires. Italy has been awarded more Unesco Heritage sites than anywhere else on earth as well as cities full of art and affluent ski resorts, there are lots of ways to experience travel in Italy without having to spend your time amidst crowds of tourists intent on seeing the key sights. Try these 8 Special Places to Go Off the Beaten Track in Italy:

1. Caprera

Caprera is a beautiful little island very close to Sardinia and which has been completely turned into a nature reserve in order to protect the species of sea birds which nest there. The island is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist resort and although tourists and visitors are welcome, all construction is prohibited and the island is only accessible by boat in the summer in order to reduce traffic congestion.

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