7 Simply Sublime Beaches in Puerto Rico ...

I think we can all agree that there are some fabulous beaches in the Caribbean and among them are the beaches of Puerto Rico. The great thing about Puerto Rico for you lucky American readers is that as an unincorporated US territory, you can visit this gorgeous island (well actually, a small group of islands) without a passport and use your US dollars. So if youโ€™re thinking of a sun, sea, and sand vacation, why not check out these beaches of Puerto Rico?

1. Green Beach, Vieques

Many of the beaches of Puerto Rico are known for excellent snorkeling, but Green Beach on the Island of Vieques is a real standout! Here the reef is healthy and the undersea life is abundant. The waters are clear and calm and you donโ€™t have to swim far to see spectacular aquatic displays. Vieques is 7 miles to the east from the main Puerto Rican island. Get there by plane in 30 minutes or less, or take a leisurely 1 hour and 30 minute ferry ride.